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Old Faithful

Philately  Oklahoma  Oliver W

Old Faithful is one of the most famous features of Yellowstone National Park. It received its name in 1870, the first geyser to get a name. An eruption sends out on average 6000 gallons of boiling water up to an average of 145 feet in the air.

Redwood Forest, Old Faithful stamps to be issued at Sandical
The United States Postal Service revealed designs for a new $4.95 Redwood Forest Priority Mail stamp and a new $17.50 Old Faithful Express Mail stamp in mid-December 2008. Both stamps are scheduled to be issued Jan.

Or if you go to Yellowstone, you can get a postcard of "Old Faithful" for a stamp that came out years ago. Or if you are visiting Mount Rainier, you can get cards from there. There are at least three different stamps with Mount Rainier on them.

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Philately  Oklahoma  Oliver W

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