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Addie Card was a little girl who worked in a Vermont cotton mill at the turn of the 20th century. Her picture, taken at the mill, appeared on a stamp commemorating reform of child labor laws nearly 100 years later.

(60) Photogravure:- Photogravure is a combination of Photography and gravure (recess) printing.

In the 1980s the process changed when computers replaced acid, but photography remained and the term "photogravure" is still used.

37¢ Masters of American Photography (pane of 20)
a Albert Sands Southworth & Josiah Johnson Hawes
b Timothy O'Sullivan
c Carleton Watkins
d Gertrude Kasebier
e Lewis Hine
f Alvin Langdon Coburn
g Edward Steichen
h Alfred Stieglitz ...

Before the advent of photography, engraving was used to reproduce other forms of art, for example paintings.

Glassine - A cellulose paper made from wood and water Often used in the baking/cooking industry, the photography (and other arts) arena for film sleeves and packaging and by collectors in general. It is used for its 'greaseproof' quality'.

The Fipex Issue celebrated the Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition (April 28 to May 6, 1956). Stamp, photography and auto exhibitions, held simultaneously, opened the newly completed Coliseum at Columbus Circle, New York, ...

Postcards with wavy, scalloped, dentate or reticulated edges were introduced in the 1950s. This could be another instance of postcard style mimicking photography style, ...

stamps & Charity labels, ALL DIFFERENT, displayed on leaves, inc Italy 'Per la Resistenzia e per la Vittoria' se-tenant sheetlets, WWI charity labels, 1897 Dresden & 1904 Dusseldorf Art Exhibitions, 1909 Dresden & 1912 St Petersburg Photography ...

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Philately  Phosphor  Photogravure

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