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Specimen stamp
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Specimen stamps are most often overprinted "SPECIMEN," "MUESTRA," "SAGGIO," "MUSTER," or the equivalent terms in other languages. Specimen stamps might also be marked by being punched, perforated, handstamped or inscribed.

Stamps overprinted with the word "specimen" are generally used on stamps distributed through the International Bureau of the Postal Union to postal administrations of all countries to show what stamps have been issued. In this manner the members of the U.P.U.

Specimen: Stamp or stationery item distributed to Universal Postal Union members for identification purposes and to the philatelic press and trade for publicity purposes.

Specimen - stamp or stationery item so overprinted for distribution to Universal Postal Union members for identification purposes and to the philatelic press and trade for publicity purposes.
Speckled fluorescence - see flecked paper.

~ - See 'Essay.'
Stamped envelope - The USPS and postal agencies of other countries sell envelopes with a stamp already printed or embossed upon it.

~ - Postal items which have an overprint of the word "~" which is used for identification or publicity.
Speculative Issue - Stamp issues released for sale to collectors.
Stamp - An official postage label which signifies that the mail delivery fee has been paid.

~: Stamp or stationery item distributed to UPU members for identification purposes and to the philatelic press and trade for publicity purposes.

"~". Stamp or stationery overprinted "~" and distributed to member countries of the Universal Postal Union.

Referring to a special set of coins struck at the Mint from 1792 to 1816 that display many characteristics of the later Proof coinage.
~ Strike ...

~: Sample postage stamps which usually have the word '~' overprinted on them (or perforated).
TETE-BECHE (tête-bêche): A french term meaning 'head to head' and used to describe a pair of stamps where one is inverted relative to the adjoining stamp.

(80) ~s:- One of the regulations of the Universal Postal Union requires member nations to send samples of all stamps they put into service to the international Bureau in Switzerland. Member nations of the UPU receive these ~s as samples of what stamps are valid for postage.

Two known ~s of famous error Woodblock stamp designs exist. These rare valuable stamps are 4 Penny stamp printed in vermillion, and the 1 penny stamp printed in blue.
16.) Inverted Swan stamp (1855) ...

~ - (i) A single copy of a postage stamp or other philatelic item. (ii) More properly, a postage stamp overprinted '~' and issued by the postal authority as an example of a new issue.

The Post Office introduced ~ sets for sale to collectors in December 1913. The sets, comprising all values from ½d to £2, were sold for 10s. The ½d to 5s values were cancelled-to-order, and the higher values were hand-stamped or overprinted ~.

Of the approximately thirty ~s of the Post Office Mauritius, slightly more than half are the One Penny Red, and the remainder are the Two Penny Blue. Oddly, the stamps were not discovered until 1864, by a French collector who traded them away because her albums did not have a space for them.

Stamps are sold by dealers in mixtures, packets, sets, and in single ~s. The individual cost of the stamps you acquire increases exactly in respect to the order in which we have listed them: from the lowest-cost to the highest-priced single ~s. "Ho! Ho!" you say.

STAMPS FOR POSTAGE PURPOSES have changed hardly at all since the first ~ appeared in May of 1840.

A pristine ~ can be irretrievably damaged by even the most careful handling, ruining a beautiful item and lowering its value. Additionally, even the most delicate touch risks bending your stamp or damaging the perforations. There are several ways how to handle stamps safely.

Surcharge qui dmontise le timbre, effectue pour diffuser une mission dans un but publicitaire ou d'chantillon. La surcharge ~t est l'quivalent de Muster (allemand), de Muestra (espagnol) et de Saggio (italien).

Some proofs were made in other colours, to demonstrate what those colours would look like. These are called Trial Colour proofs. Many of the proofs, of all colours, were overprinted with the word '~', displayed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Sometimes stamps with many faults will be classified as "Spacefillers" or "Select" grade. They are collectable stamps in order to fill spaces until a better ~ can be obtained, ...

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