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Color Proofing
Even after you calibrated your monitor, you still need an application like Photoshop that supports color management. As far as I understand the process, the monitor profile consists of two parts.

Color concept - the basics
Human beings can experience color by means of three types of cones in the retina of the eye which are sensitive to wavelengths that roughly correspond to red, green and blue light.

Color Theory: Overview
Why study color theory? If you are involved in the creation or design of visual documents, an understanding of color will help when incorporating it into your own designs.

Color or colour (see spelling differences) is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to the categories called red, blue, yellow, green and others.

Color Management: Scanner and Digital Camera Profiling
In the world of color management, ...

Color management simply means having a set of devices, ...

Color Negative Film Color Correction
The conversion from negative to positive is different for each make/model of color negative film.

Color Filter Array
By Vincent Bockaert
Each "pixel" on a digital camera sensor contains a light sensitive photo diode which measures the brightness of light.

Color Accent: B&W with a dash of Color
Here's how to turn an image into black and white, leaving only one color as the accent.

Color of Light
From the instant the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, daylight is constantly shifting in color.

Color Temperature
Before we can talk about how to control the white balance in your camera we need to know a little bit about color temperature.

Color Management
You've taken an AWESOME shot - a waterfall, with amazing lighting, depth, and composition. It looks great in the camera, looks great on your monitor. . .
What happened?

Using Canon PowerShot (and also other) digital cameras many people found that the landscape images were simply bad. The grass was dark, almost black, The shadows were too heavy, however at that day the light condition was great....

Color (Temperature) Conversion Filter
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Color vs black and white photography - What makes sense and when?
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Color Secrets
Exploring with the wide end of the focal spectrum opens up a world of creative compositional possibilities
By Rob Sheppard ...

Color space A system for ordering colors that respects the relationships of similarity among them. There are variety of different color spaces, but they are all three dimensional.

Colorimeter Mode
The fancier versions of this calibrator will measure and tell you your LCD's native white point. My iBook's native white point is 4,780K, delta uv 0.3 and luminance is 23.4 fL as of December 2005.

Color Settings In Adobe Photoshop
Of the commonly-used applications, Photoshop has the most convoluted structure for setting color management preferences.

Color Selection in Photography
How the Color Wheel Can Help You Improve Your Photography
By Liz Masoner , About.com Guide ...

2D Color Space Comparison
(Colors at 50% Luminance)
The diagram to the right compares three color spaces at once: sRGB, Wide Gamut RGB, and a device-independent reference space.

Color Star
Photography (Basic) - Introduction to photography and other graphic techniques
Printing Color Negatives ...

Getting color right isn't just about the scientific quantities of the Kelvin scale and wavelengths of light; it's also about emotion and creativity.
By Richard LoPinto
In-Camera Control ...

Color and Black & White Photography
B&W Photography
More black & white photography
Black and White Still life
Black & White Contrast Filters
Color photography ...

Color, Contrast and Composition-AdoramaTV
You Keep Shooting
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"The colors in my prints don't match the colors on my computer monitor" is a complaint we often hear from students. The solution, in a nutshell, is a color-managed workflow.

What Are Color Spaces, and Which One Should I Choose?
Whenever you take a photo, your digital camera's sensor captures information about the colors coming in from the outside world.

You can have a beautiful composition of a great subject but there're actually few things that are more impressive than extremely colorful scenes - such pictures immediately suck all the attention of a viewer.

Color Scheme Designer
Color Scheme Designer is very simple to use app that offers you a complete report on how to use any given color (in various combinations as monochromatic, complementary, triadic, analogous, tetradic).

Color Contrast in Photography
In a black-and-white photo, the color palette is restricted to white, black and shades of gray. To create contrast, the photographer pits lighter elements against dark, sun against shadows.

Color And Temperature
What Are These Words Doing In The Same Sentence?
Complementary Colors
Harmony On The Color Wheel ...

Color Temperature and Photography
These numbers are used when purchasing photographic strobe equipment and film. For example, the color of the light emitted by a flash is rated at 5500 degrees; it is designed to imitate noon daylight.

Color Dependency
Figure 12: How We See Color
We look at an apple and think, "The apple is red". In essence, we treat the color of the apple as a characteristic of the apple. However, this view is only partly correct.

Color Saturation
learn how to make high color saturation photographs
Read: Color saturation article ...

To print this web page correctly you will need to set your printer's page setup properties to 'landscape' paper orientation
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I colored the water for the picture so you could see it.
Now when your chemicals are at the proper temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit and you drum is pre-warmed by the water batch you can begin to develop the film.

Use Color for Impact by Russ Burden
by Russ Burden
Rating: 9 / 10
The strategic use of color is critical to the mood, feeling and impact of the image.

LAB color
Techniques Glossary LAB color
A device independent colour space used to create consistent color whatever the device used to create or output an image, such as a monitor, printer, computer, or scanner.

Photo Color Correction for the Amateur Photographer
Our friend Chris Spooner let's us know that he recently updated his avatars and social profiles with some new photos.

Color management systems (CMS) are designed to help you keep the colors in your images as consistent and predictable as possible as they pass through the various stages of the workflow.

Color management isn't something the amateur or even professional photographer has had to worry about -- or even the darkroom wizard.

For color in the background, I use everything from colored trays to oranges and lemons. As long as they're out of focus (and with a macro lens this is easy to achieve) it works perfectly.

Fall Color Frequently Asked Questions
How long does the exhibition last?
Depends on the weather.

With the Color Sampler Tool you now need to click on the black area. This will put an icon with the number one next to it on the image and is used as a reference point for later. You should also see the info box open up.

To increase color saturation in Nikon D3000, D3100, D5000, D90, D300, D300s, D700, D7000, D3 and D3X, look through your cameras menu for an item called 'Picture Controls'.

How To: Maximize Color by Shooting at Twilight
Bring out that beautiful blue sky by setting up your shot right before the sun goes down.
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How to Make a DIY Color Flash From Plastic
By Quinn Marshall, eHow Contributor
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Lenses ideally project the color spectrum right on the sensor, creating a sharp image. But in reality, there are several colors in the spectrum that aren't precisely projected, especially in low quality lenses.

color filters - these filters block all of the visible spectrum range except one color, which is allowed to pass through to the camera.

If you find that your portrait photography is getting a little drab and you're looking for a way to spice it up, try adding massive amounts of color.

There has been a tremendous amount of research on how color affects human beings and some of this research suggests that men and women may respond to colors differently.

Colors Guide 1.1
The science of color is sometimes called chromatics. It includes the perception of color by the human eye and brain, the...
Steroids Glossary 2.0 ...

Color Cast - the overall bias towards one color in a color image.
Composition - the content and organization of the image that is being captured for the photograph.

Color or White Balance - Refers to the relative intensity of colors in your image. Without correction, a picture taken at sunset can seem too yellow or orange and a picture taken under fluorescent lights might seem too green.

Color saturation. Intensity of color in a photograph. To increase color saturation when shooting transparencies, under-expose slightly, perhaps by 1/3 of an f-stop.

Color Negative Films
The same rule applies to negative color films as black and white films. The lower the ISO number, the finer the grain.
Transparency Films ...

Color -
The hue of the color image can be grayish brown, reddish brown, brownish red, orange, yellow, greenish brown, brownish green, purplish brown, brownish purple, blue, or subtle combinations of these.

Color Temperature
Film is often referred to by the color balance for which it is designed. As a general rule, the higher the number, the greater the blue hues; the smaller the number, the greater red hues.

color calibration
a system of software and/or hardware that adjusts and coordinates colors between two or more digital devices.

Color Palette
A palette is the set of available colors. For a given application, the palette may be only a subset of all the colors that can be physically displayed.

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