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A chemical solution used for fixation.
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Techniques Glossary Fixer
Chemical used after developing and before washing to remove remaining light-sensitive halides by converting them into soluble salts. An image becomes stable to light once it's fixed.

What Fixer Is
The main component of fixer is sodium thiosulphate or ammonium thiosulphate. It is sometimes referred to as ‘hypo'.

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Fixer is used for processing all commonly used films, including black-and-white films, Kodachrome, and chromogenic films. In chromogenic films, the remaining silver must be removed by a chemical called a bleach fix, sometimes shortened to blix.

Fixer (Hypo)-A chemical, sodium thiosulfate, used to remove residual silver halides (grain) from films and prints when processing them. Fixer "fixes" the remaining silver halides in place on either film or prints. Fixer is also called hypo.

Fixer. Solution, usually based on sodium thiosulphate, in which films or prints are immersed after development to convert the unexposed silver halides in the emulsion to soluble products that can be washed out.

Fixer - chemical solution used to remove unexposed silver salts from developed negatives and prints
Wetting - agent chemical solution which reduces surface tension of water ...

FIXER or "Fixing bath" or "Hypo" - The chemical solution used for fixation. It removes any photo-sensitive silver-halide crystals that were not acted upon by light or by the developer.

Fixer. Chemical (basically a solution of sodium thiosulfate plus potassium metabisulfite as acidifier). Used after development to make soluble those parts of a photographic image unaffected by the developer.

A chemical solution (sodium thiosulfate or ammonium thiosulfate) that makes a photographic image sensitive to light.

-Fixer - chemical solution used for fixation.
-Flare - non-image forming light scattered by the lens or reflected from the camera interior.

Fixer and Hypo Clearing Agent (HCA) should be mixed according to the package instructions. Powder fixers often come with the hardener included in one package. Other liquid fixers require mixing of 2 elements.

Fixer: Fixers dissolve the undeveloped silver salts, which can then be removed by washing. If this step were not carried out, the unactivated silver salts would become activated when exposed to light and cause fogging of the image.

Pour out the fixer and rinse with water, using the same temperature as above. Agitate, pour out, and repeat two or three times to get all of the fixer off the film.
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To develop film at home, you'll need a hand-held developing tank and a variety of fluid chemicals, including photographic developer, stop bath and fixer. You also have to buy photographic paper in order to make prints from your negatives.

fixer Chemical solution used after development. Converts unexposed and therefore undeveloped silver halide into soluble salts which can be washed out leaving behind the now stable silver image and rendering the film insensitive to light.

Prepare the photo fixer.
Prepare another tray that is of a similar size to the one used previously with photo fixer.

the film vigorously in the stop bath and initially in the fixer because gases are released in these solutions and there is danger of air bubbles forming on the film surface. If you allow these air bells, or bubbles, to form, they may cause dark spots.

Acid fixer: A chemical used to neutralize alkali. It is used in the final stage of processing to stop the action of alkaline bath.
Additive color process: A method of producing color images by mixing the three primary colors, red, blue, and green.

Decided to try Kodak T400CN Professional (C41 - B&W) as my wife complains every time I come home stinking of fixer - she REALLY hates it and I have to get straight in the shower. This, at least would reduce the pain.

For example, the fixer must be handled carefully, using protective gloves and goggles because it's potassium cyanide! 'One could use traditional hypo, but cyanide gives a richer result,' says Dole. 'And it's the way it was done in the 19th century.

Derek Kessler is EiC-at-Large for Mobile Nations and general fixer. Previously, he ran webOS Nation, aka PreCentral.net.

Bleach fix
Chemical bath in which bleach and fixer have been combined! Used in many colour processes.
(see C41 & E6)
A Type of Tungsten Lighting from various manufactures, rated at 2000W.
(see Redhead & Tungsten light ) ...

Miscellaneous chemicals and darkroom equipment like fixer test solution, hypo clearing agent, wetting agent, changing plastic bags, safe lights, timers, and trays ...

AGITATION - Gentle movement of liquid photo-processing chemicals (developer, stop-bath, fixer) during processing of film or paper in order to achieve uniform results.
AIR - A relatively large area of white space in a layout.

Hw to create a groovy "Old School" darkroom special effect without smelling like fixer.

I loved high-contrast printing using Agfa #6 high-contrast paper.

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Photography  Fixed-pattern noise  Fixing

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