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Modeling Light
Monolights also have a modeling light built in. A modeling light is a second bulb on your unit that sits in the middle of the circular flash tube. This means it's in essentially the same position as the flash.

MODELING LIGHT - A tungsten light built into a studio flash that remains on while the flash is in standby mode, ...

Modeling light
A high powered bulb in a Mains Flash unit which is used to help judge what effect the flash light will have on the subject. It also describes a light used to enhance a three-dimensional effect.
(see Mains flash) ...

Modeling light
A light built into a flash unit that remains on while the flash is turned or on standby mode, ...

Modeling Light: A relatively weak incandescent light bulb mounted in an electronic flash head next to the flash tube.

Modeling lights
Some flashguns incorporate a modeling light which enables you to see precisely where you are pointing the flash.

Modeling Lights
A characteristic of studio flashes is that they have a modeling lamp/light. This is a constant-source light that's used to help show where the light and shadows will fall on the subject.

Modeling Light (Flash)
The Hot Light in many Electronic Flash units which helps you to "see" the lighting. Tip: Modeling lights are not universally proportional to the Intensity of the flash tube.

-Modeling light is a light used to create a three dimensional effect achieved through the perception of form and depth.

Modeling lights are regular light bulbs in each head. They usually vary in intensity as you change the strobes' power settings.

A good modeling light is essential for low-light autofocus and night diving. Nocturnal Lights has a wide, bright beam. I use it for a primary light at night and for 105mm macro.
Flip Nicklin ...

Proportional modeling light: Less expensive monolights simply provide an on-off modeling light to give you some idea of what the final lighting effect will be. Those with proportional settings allow the modeling light to vary with flash output.

A spotting light, also know as an aiming light or a modeling light, is a light that comes out of the strobe, lighting up the subject to help with auto-focus.

This visual effect is derived from the modeling light. Other light sources that may be added to the modeling light to enhance the subject are as follows: Broad lighting-The main light completely illuminates the side of the face turned toward the ...

In low light situations you may find yourself wishing for a modeling light. Canon's ring lights do have modeling lights and modeling lights are even more necessary with this accessory. This is because the 4.

Built-in LED light can be used to illuminate nearby subjects in dim light - especially useful when shooting video, as a modeling light or as an AF assist beam (with Live View), ...

Since the flash heads contain little more than a flash tube, modeling light, and a reflector, they are pretty light, weight-wise, and don't require as sturdy a stand as monolights.

Modeling light - A constant light that illuminates the subject and aids the photographer in composing the picture.
Power connector - The receptacle for the power cord.
Power switch - A switch to turn the monolight on and off.

I'm basically using the modeling lights from my strobes to light the video. We actually added a ¼ CTB [color temperature blue] gel into the strobe heads, and we also corrected for it in the Canon 5D Mark II shooting video.

For tripod-based studio work the stills mode is very good, allowing accurate manual focus and automatically increasing the brightness of the preview for work under modeling lights.

Since they are not on all the time, strobes often have low intensity modeling lights so you can see how the light will fall on the subject. Strobes are great, but cost hundreds, and usually thousands of dollars.

parties and events, the Two-Armed Bandit technique allows you to position yourself quickly and provide pleasing light from angles you could never get with a camera-mounted flash. It's all about flattering your subjects with a gentle modeling light ...

Studio lights have two different bulbs, a bulb for the modeling light and a tube that serves as the strobe component of the light. Studio lights have built-in fuses which may also need to be replaced.

Her setup included a Paul C. Buff Einstein monolight with a beauty dish and a Canon Speedlite 580EX as a secondary source. For a dark, mysterious mood, she lit her subject with the monolight's modeling light.

If your flashgun has a swivable head, it lets you bounce light off a white ceiling or wall to give a nice soft modeling light. For even more creative effects, use the flashgun off camera and connect it with a synch lead.

If you intend to work with studio lights, position them and use the modeling lights to preview the shadow’s intensity and distance.

A digital camera is best for complex flash setups because the results of instantaneous bursts of light are inherently non-intuitive, even though some studio flashes have "modeling lights" and some fancy portable flashes have modeling-light-like ...

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Photography  Modeling lamp  Modelling light

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