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Phenidone - reducing agent used in many fine grain solutions.
Phenol varnish - resin used to produce a hard durable top coating.
Phosphorescence - property held by some materials of absorbing light of one wavelength and emitting it as light of a different wavelength.

Hydroquinone, Metol, paraphenylenediamine, and phenidone are some of the more commonly used developing agents. PRESERVATIVE All developing agents in an alkaline state are affected by oxygen.

The film was then developed using a developer containing phenidone and hydroquinone, which formed three superimposed negative images, one for each primary color.[31] After the first developer was washed out, the film underwent re-exposure and redevelopment.

-MQ/PQ developers are developing solutions containing the reducing agents metol and hydroquinone or phenidone and hydroquinone.
-M-synch is a flash setting or socket which synchronizes the firing of the shutter with the peak light output of a flash bulb.

Developing agents. Chemicals (typically phenidone, metol and hydroquinone) able to change light-struck silver halides into black metallic silver.

PQ developer
A black & white film or paper developer that includes the developing agents phenidone and hydroquinone.
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TMY is admittedly a difficult film to work with. I prefer to use Ilford Delta 400 film for this reason. My best advice is to use a highly dilute, non-phenidone developer to help with the highlight problems.

The latent image acts as a catalyst encouraging development to take place faster in exposed areas. Development takes place in both exposed and unexposed areas of the film just at different rates.
Developing agents: Metol, Phenidone, Hydroquinone.

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Photography  PH scale  Phosphorescence

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