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Resolution is simply the measurement of a pixel plane and is used for measuring monitors, digital photo sensors, and just about anything you'd put on a monitor or photo sensor such as web pages, ...

Resolution Charts at dpreview.com: Horizontal and Vertical LPH
We measure resolution using the widely accepted PIMA/ISO 12233 camera resolution test chart.

The camera's light sensitive CCD converts the scene into a grid of pixels that make up a digital photograph. The resolution is the total number of pixels in the photo, for example, one million or 350,000.

Resolution Stitching for Super-High-Res Photos
Ever wanted to boost the resolution offered by your camera?

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The resolution of an image is a measure of its sharpness, or how small a detail can be resolved.

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Resolution seems to be very confusing to a lot of people
who want to get into digital photography. It is really very simple. Resolution is the number of dots or pixels that make up a final image.

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Your next photography project
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable time. Apologies for the scary picture, I hope it hasn't put you off your food.

Techniques Glossary Resolution
The camera's light sensitive CCD converts the scene into a grid of pixels that make up a digital photograph. The resolution is the total number of pixels in the photo, for example, one million or 350,000.

Everyone is likely to be familiar with the concept of image resolution, but unfortunately, too much emphasis is often placed on this single metric.

Resolution and noise have almost nothing to do with real image quality, unless you look at three-foot (1m) wide images from a few inches away.

Image resolution
Unlike conventional photographs where we refer to a 5 x 7-inch or 8 x 10-inch print, the overall size of a digital image is measured
in pixels. They are grouped in a matrix of coloured dots.

Super-Resolution in Non-Linear Optical Lithography
IC circuits are formed by projecting reduced circuit pattern images.

Which resolution is best for photography?
The best resolution to use really depends on what you intend to do with the photo. In theory, there’s not strict correlation between the resolution you shoot with and the size of your prints.

Camera Resolution
Camera Resolution refers to the number of pixels that are captured within a digital image.

Lower resolutions such as 640 x 480 are perfect for Web publishing, e-mail attachments, small prints, or images in documents and presentations. For these uses, higher resolutions just increase file sizes without significantly improving the images.

One of the most common photography-related New Year's resolutions we hear is simply "to shoot more.

new year resolutions
photography resolutions
New Year resolutions are an age old tradition. There are things that many photographers should always be mindful of no matter what time of year it is.

New Years Resolutions for Photographers
Welcome to 2006. I know it really doesn't seem like another year could have gone by, but it has.

Some typical resolutions include:
256x256 - Found on very cheap cameras, this resolution is so low that the picture quality is almost always unacceptable. This is 65,000 total pixels.
640x480 - This is the low end on most "real" cameras.

7 New Years Resolutions For Your Digital Photography
I can't believe it's already the end of the year. There are a lot of things I've wanted to do this year, but I never got around to them. Now I've got a whole list of resolutions for next year.

A good number of resolutions were from Photographers looking to expand their business in 2010. Here are some of the ways they plan to do this.

Megapixels: Calculating the True cost of Resolution
Nothing excites camera buyers more than leaps in resolution. Like it or not, the eye-catching and revenue generating headlines are about mega-pixels.

First stop, you need to have a camera that is capable of shooting large resolutions. Professional photographers strive for at least twelve megapixels in order to create a quality portrait.

RESOLUTION- This is the amount of information in a digitally captured image. It is measured in pixels. These are the individual elements that are like little tiles, that make up a digital image.

Resolution of computer monitors[edit]
Computers can use pixels to display an image, often an abstract image that represents a GUI. The resolution of this image is called the display resolution and is determined by the video card of the computer.

The ability of a lens to discern small detail; in photography, the image resolution in the final photograph depends on the resolving power of the sensitive emulsion and on that of the lensóthe two are not related, ...

Resolution. Cameras in the 3 megapixel category provide a typical resolution of 2048x1536. This falls short of Kodak Photo CD's 2048x3072, and the resolution of most film scanners.
fig. 1, Color Aliasing ...

Resolution is the total number of dots or pixels that make up a final photo.

To learn everything there is about photography, I would prefer an older SLR style camera over a flashy, very high resolution point and shoot model.

The resolution of a digital photo is dependent on how many pixels it contains. My camera (Nikon D300) has 12.2 Million pixels (or 12.2 MP) which is 4288 pixels (wide) x 2848 pixels (high).

Resolution   In digital photography, resolution is a measurement of the number of pixels that make up a digital photograph. Resolution is one of the benchmarks of digital cameras and images. More pixels allow producing bigger prints.

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Photography  Resizing  Resolving power

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