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Shutter Speed Dial
Usually located on the right front (as you hold the camera), closer to the viewfinder.

Shutter speed dial on manual focus cameras
Exposure Compensation: Cameras now offer at least +/-3 stops of exposure compensation. Slide shooters only need +/-2 since this is the range slide films can handle.

The shutter speed dial covers 1/4000 sec to 1/4 sec in whole-stop increments, but there's also a 'T' position that allows you to use timed slower speeds as long as 30 seconds, which are selected using the rear dial (in third-stop increments).

B (Bulb) - A shutter speed dial setting that indicates that the shutter will remain open as long as the release button is depressed - also known as the "B setting " or "Bulb" setting. The "B" setting is used for time exposures.

Usually, the slowest shutter speed that syncs with a flash unit is indicated in red or another off color or a lightning bolt symbol on the shutter speed dial.

Put your camera on manual and set the shutter speed dial to Bulb (B). This allows the shutter to remain open for as long as the cable release is locked on.

ASA film speed dial, but no shutter speed dial. Two tiny lights on top of the camera. You focus the lens (both images come together in the viewfinder), and then rotate the aperture ring.

Contax RTS Fundus - usually marked 'Medical/Scientific' on the base plate it featured a 3mm high guard around the shutter release and a lock button on the front plate for the shutter speed dial.

Using modes like aperture priority is similar to the other X-series cameras - you set shutter speed dial to 'A' before you control the aperture with the lens aperture ring.

By this, I mean, I want a manual focus camera with a shutter speed dial, an aperture ring, an ISO dial and then a few soft buttons next to the screen on the back.

The orange number "60″ on the shutter speed dial (May be slightly different on your camera) indicates the fastest
shutter speed you can use with a flash. You may use any shutter speed at, or below, the speed indicated in red.

Two strikes. The one nice thing Pentax does have for traditionalists is the ZX-5n, which includes an old fashioned shutter speed dial. Call me old fashioned, but I really like that feature.
Canon ...

Remember that it's going to get dark during the eclipse, so you may find it helpful to have a small flashlight at the ready so you can see the settings on your shutter speed dial in the sudden darkness when your bracketing exposures.

The major problem I see, at least from your pictures, is you that you can't change the shutter speed by solely using using the shutter speed dial that is located on the top of the camera.

The faster the speed the shorter the exposure. Shutter speed settings are given in the fraction of a second. Each setting is half the duration of the preceding one in a constant scale, marked on the shutter speed dial or ring.

Cameras made since the 1970s have even told you exactly where to set each of these three settings! You turned the lens until it looked in focus, and the meter told you which way to turn the aperture and shutter speed dials for perfect exposure.

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Photography  Shutter speed  Shutter time

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