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Single servo AF

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Single Servo AF: Once the subject is in focus, focus is locked. Useful for recomposing the picture.

-Single servo AF - when focus is locked as long as the shutter release button is lightly pressed.
-Sizing - very dilute, gluey substance used to prepare surfaces for coating by filling in pores and giving even absorbance.

Single servo AF (AF-S)

Camera focus when shutter release button is half pressed and locks when the in-focus indicator (a solid dot) appears on the viewfinder status LCD.

Focus modes: Single Servo AF and Continuous Servo AF, and Manual
Focus Tracking: Automatically activated in Single Servo AF or Continuous Servo AF
Focus area: One - or a group - of 11 focus areas can be selected ...

With the F5 camera body, Focus-Priority s given to Single Servo AF mode while Release-Priority is given to Continuous Servo AF. Using Custom Setting, however, you can change the priority to Release-Priority Single Servo AF or Focus-Priority Continuous Servo AF.

There are three main AF modes: AF-S (Single Servo AF), AF-C (Continuous Servo AF) and AF-A (an Auto mode which selects between them depending on whether the subject is in motion). These are selected from the main information display screen, where you'll also be offered a Manual focusing option.

Focus Mode
Three basic types of focus modes exist for AF cameras: Single servo AF, Continuous AF and Manual AF.
Focus Priority
\A camera mode where the shutter cannot be released until the subject is in focus.

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Photography  Single lens reflex camera  Single use camera

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