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Citrofortunella Mitis

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Citrofortunella mitis
Family: Rutaceae
Calamondin, Calamondin Orange, China Orange, Musk Lime, Panama Orange, Philippine Orange, To-kumquat ...

CITROFORTUNELLA MITIS - Calamondin, China Orange, Golden Lime
Native to China. An important citrus juice source in the Philippines, it has an upright growth habit, very shapely, almost thornless; highly productive and one of the cold-hardiest citrus.

Calamondin [English]: Citrofortunella mitis
Calamondin [English]: Citrus madurensis
Calamondin Orange [English]: Citrofortunella mitis
Calamondin Orange [English]: Citrofortunella microcarpa
Calamus [English]: Acorus calamus
Calamus [English]: Calamus caesius ...

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