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Cervical Os ...

Cervical os: The opening of the cervix.
Cervical ripening: The process that prepares the cervix for labor, making the cervix soft and thin.

Prominent decidual vasculature overlying the internal cervical os: an entity potentially leading to acute life-threatening antepartum hemorrhage.
J Chin Med Assoc, 73(4): 216-8. [Abstract] [Full-text] ...

Type two - where the placenta is partially located in the lower segment and may be near the internal cervical OS.

When the uterus contracts, which it frequently does whether you are pregnant of not (incidentally, you do not feel these contractions), the placenta may appear closer to the internal cervical os than it really is when the uterus is relaxed.

Placenta previa is the abnormal implantation of the placenta over the cervical opening (cervical os).

In the best case, the cervical os (mouth of the womb) is closed. (A health care provider can determine if the cervical os is open by performing a pelvic exam.) Typically, no tissue has been passed from the womb.

Maintain your abdominal hand over the uterus, using your flattened fingers just above the pubic bone to aid the placenta as it exits the cervical os into the vagina.

Vasa Previa is a rare complication in pregnancy where unprotected blood vessels run across the cervical os. If the blood vessels rupture during labour, or are compressed during birth, consequences for the baby can be rapid and severe.

Any tissue fragments visibly protruding from the cervical os can be grasped with a ring or dressing forceps and gently pulled straight out. This simple and safe procedure will have a beneficial effect on the bleeding.
Inevitable Abortion ...

Cesarean section for placenta praevia covering any portion of the cervical os
Ultrasound examination for vaginal bleeding of undetermined origin ...

A condition in which the placenta (including the marginal veins) partially or completely covers the opening of the cervix (cervical os).

(See above.) As the uterus grows, the upper part of the uterus enlarges faster than the lower uterine segment, so a placenta lying over both areas will tend to grow "away" from the cervical os.

The cervix resembles a "neck" until the time of birth when it opens into the birth canal (or vagina) to allow passage of the baby. The cervical os (or opening) is the portion of the cervix which is measured during dilation.

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Pregnancy & Parenting  Cervical opening  Cervical Stenosis

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