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Engagement is a term that many mothers hear their doctors or midwives use late in the third trimester, although some moms-to-be are unsure of what it means. Technically engagement is the term used when the baby enters the pelvis to prepare for delivery.

Engagement (or lightening) is when the presenting part of the baby descends into the pelvis.
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Engagement: When the baby's head is far enough into the bony pelvis that it no longer can move back up, or float freely in the amniotic fluid.
Engorgement: On about day three postpartum, sometimes the breasts become hard and swollen (engorged) as the milk comes in.

This is when the baby's head has entered the pelvis. It usually occurs at around week 36 for a first time mother, and later if you have already had a child.

Also known as 'dropping', this is when the widest part of the baby's head has settled deep into the pelvis in the latter stages of pregnancy.
Epidural ...

Engagement: When the baby’s presenting part (usually the head) settles into the pelvic cavity
Epidural: Type of anesthesia injected around the spinal cord during labor ...

Engagement: Engagement, also called lightening or dropping, is when the baby descends into the pelvic cavity in preparation for birth. In first-time mothers, this usually happens two to four weeks before delivery.

Refers to the point in labor/delivery at which the baby's head, or other presenting part buttocks in a breech presentation), begins to descend through (engage) the pelvic canal.

To position himself for the journey through the birth canal, your baby will move lower down so that his presenting part, usually the head, will settle into your bony pelvis. This is known as engagement and you will experience it as a feeling of lightening.


Passage of the widest diameter of the presenting of the part of the fetus (usually the head) to a level below the first sacral vertebra and the symphysis pubis (the joint between the pubic bones at the front of the pelvis).

Disengagement cues are the opposite of engagement cues. Babies, just like parents, sometimes need a break. They may want to take a nap, or they may just want to be left alone for a time.

Eng: Engagement - when your baby's head has moved down in to your pelvis
FH: Foetal heart (your baby's heart)
FHH: Foetal heart heard ...

Rules of engagement
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Lightening and engagement
Increase in Braxton Hicks contractions
Increasing pressure in the pelvis and rectum
Changes in energy level, mood, or habits
Changes in vaginal discharge
"Bloody show"
Losing the mucus plug
Rupture of membranes (your water "breaks").

You experience engagement (also known as lightening). This means baby starts moving down into your pelvis area.
Gotta go? As your baby’s head settles into your pelvis, you feel added pressure on your bladder. This might lead to even more frequent urination.

Anatomic relationship between the pubic symphysis and ischial spines and its clinical significance in the assessment of fetal head engagement and station during labor.
Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol, 33(3): 320-5. [Abstract] [Full-text]
Prenatal diagnosis of isolated macrodactyly.

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with no engagement of the head. I also told her I could start contractions using nipple stimulation, but they would peter-out after I quit doing it.

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True, it's the phase that brings the true meaning of the word ‘labour' to life, but it's also an engagement between you and your baby, when you are both working together to achieve a successful delivery.

The truth is our children’s engagement in the digital world is so new that researchers are still unclear as to how it will play out in their development. And there lies the reason we need to tune in closer.

Most people have known or heard of a woman who, at some point during her engagement, devolved into a "bridezilla," a once-sane woman with a wide range of interests transforming into a single-minded monster incapable of any thought or conversation that doesn't involve the big day.

If ultrasound is not available, one reliable clinical method of ruling out placenta previa is to check for fetal head engagement just above the pubic symphysis. Using a thumb and forefinger and pressing into the maternal abdomen, the fetal head can be palpated.

This is called lightening or engagement and your lungs and stomach will finally get a chance to stretch a bit, so breathing and eating become easier. However, walking may become increasingly uncomfortable -- some women even say it feels as if the baby is going to fall out.

Celebrate different memorable days such as your engagement day, marriage anniversary, birthday of you and your wife, Valentine’s Day. You can arrange dinner or lunch in hotel or at your favorite place. Try to make it most memorable during pregnancy period of your wife.

That time felt like the months between our engagement and our wedding.

The Big Mum Opinion aims to increase the visibility and engagement of mothers within the research, development and marketing processes by brands. It is the opportunity for them to have a real say about the family-focused products and services they use.

Since the earliest interactions between baby and mom and, by extension, baby and world, start to shape a child's social development, PPD's effects on fear reactivity and stress levels early in a baby's life can have long-term effects on social engagement. A U.K.

Tips & Lists: Igniting engagement with the birth team, this section contains pertinent information to help prepare emotionally and psychologically for a positive birth experience.

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An initial exam is made to determine how far the cervix had dilated and effaced, the extent of the engagement into the pelvis and position of the baby's head and its placement upon the cervix. Notation is made about the "bloody show" (the cervical mucus released as the cervix dilates).

Lightening: The time when the baby descends into the pelvic cavity in preparation for birth. Also known as engagement.
Linea nigra: A dark line that appears on the abdomen during pregnancy.
Lochia: The discharge of blood, mucus, and other fluids from the vagina after childbirth.

Abdominal palpation (where your baby is felt by pushing on your abdomen) by an experienced midwife or doctor can tell the baby's position, engagement of the baby's head and estimate size. It is not uncommon for a baby not to engage prior to labour with your first baby.

You may begin to feel increased pressure in your lower belly and notice that your baby is gradually dropping. This is called lightening or engagement.
The good news is that your lungs and tummy will finally get a chance to stretch a bit, so breathing and eating become easier.

Another sign that labor is near is the engagement of the baby's head, when the baby's head lowers into the pelvis to prepare for birth.Some women may also experience a dull, low backache that comes and goes before actual labor begins.

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Research shows that if a child lacks these skills they will avoid sports. Be patient though, each child develops skills at a different rate. View healthy eating and regular exercise as a means to improve your child's self-confidence, active engagement in life and health.

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