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Fetal Anomaly

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Fetal anomaly: Fetal malformation or abnormal development.
Fetal goiter: Enlargement of the thyroid in the fetus.
Fetal-growth retardation (IUGR): Inadequate growth of the fetus during the last stages of pregnancy.

Fetal anomaly - Fetal malformation or abnormal development.
Fetal arrhythmia - See arrhythmia.
Fetal distress - Problems with the baby that occur before birth or during labor. These endanger the baby and require immediate delivery.

Fetal anomaly: An abnormality or malformation in the fetus.
Fetal blood sampling: A genetic test that screens blood from a fetus umbilical cord for abnormalities.
Fetal diagnostic testing: Tests to determine the well-being of the fetus during pregnancy.

Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme 2010 Professional Screening Resources. resources.fetalanomaly.screening.nhs.uk [Accessed September 2012] ...

FASP 2012c. Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme. NHS FASP Version 2 book - Information to support parents and health professionals once a diagnosis of a congenital anomaly has been made.

Ultrasound Gallery
Fetal Anomaly Scan - 20 week Ultrasound
Placenta Previa
Spina Bifida ...

Those patients were included in the study who were admitted with closed cervical os, either had intrauterine death, fetal anomaly, medical disorder (hypertension or diabetes) or history of previous ceasrean section.

12 A summary of 17 reports published between 1984 and 2001 integrated the findings of qualitative studies of expectant families who were prenatally diagnosed with a fetal anomaly or other problem.

~ screening uses ultrasound scanning to find certain abnormalities in the baby. This is usually carried out at 18-20 weeks, and can identify certain heart problems and conditions that may need treatment as soon as the baby is born.

I had my Fetal Anomaly Screen yesterday and baby girl is doing great...yes another girl in the house..I knew I was having a girl...but i am happy she is healthy and strong...but had some bad news this morning from my babysitter...

18-20 weeks fetal anomaly scan (may be on the same day as one of your antenatal appointments)
20 weeks antenatal appointment, ultrasound scan and blood test for anaemia (20-24 weeks)
22 weeks antenatal appointment and ultrasound scan ...

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