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Multiple Intelligences
Have you ever wondered why Tiger Wood is so good in golf and others not? You might say because Tiger Wood has 'talent'. With Dr.

Multiple Pregnancy
Multiple pregnancy is a pregnancy involving more than one fetus. Twins, triplets, quadruplets, and so on, are multiple pregnancies.

Multiple-Birth Pregnancy
Under natural conditions, your chance of having a pregnancy with more than one baby is relatively low (approximately a 1.5% chance). However, the number of multiple births has increased dramatically over the past 15 years.

Multiple pregnancies and labour
In multiple pregnancies, the method of delivery is usually decided on the basis of the first baby's presentation.

Multiples and Twins Directory
If you give birth to twins, triplets, or more, it is called a multiple birth.

Multiple Pregnancy: Special Care
Special care is needed for a pregnant mother carrying more than one baby.

Multiple - Pregnancy
Here are the expert's answers to your questions:
Multiple pregnancy detection
...what month of a pregnancy can you tell how many embryos there are...

Multiple pregnancy antenatal care
How will your multiple antenatal care be different?
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Multiple Pregnancies: Twins, Triplets and More
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Having a pregnancy with one baby causes enough changes in your life- not to mention your body. It's hard to imagine adding one,or two, or even more to the mix..

Multiple pregnancies
Two or more new additions to your family? Here's what you need to know
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Multiple blessings
Twins are a blessing, but for the Alkemas a second set is pure joy.

Multiples: twins, triplets and beyond
When a woman is carrying one baby (fetus), it is called a singleton pregnancy. When she is carrying two or more babies, it is called a multiple pregnancy.

Multiple Births
Having one baby is a dream come true, but two or three is that much more satisfying (and that much more work), as any parent of multiples will tell you.

Do Multiples Grow More Slowly Than Singletons?
Compared with singleton babies, will my twins grow more slowly?
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Multiple Birth Stories Birth stories with moms of twins, tripets and more.
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If you are carrying multiples, now is a good time to think about the type of maternity care you wish to have. Most women pregnant with multiples in New Zealand elect to go through the antenatal clinic at their local hospital.

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Multiple pregnancies
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Multiple Births
Multiple births can be a joyous occasion, but they are not without peril.
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Multiple Births
Having a baby is an exciting experience, but when you are having twins or multiple pregnancy it can be a daunting time. We have the advice and support you will need.
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Multiple Foetal Heartbeats - With the help of a Doppler machine it is possible to hear the foetal heartbeat after about 12 weeks. If your health care provider can distinctly hear two or more, you are carrying multiples.

Multiple birth
A pregnancy that results in the birth of more than one infant (twins, triplets, etc).
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Multiple Pregnancy
Multiple pregnancy poses particular problems for women, their infants, and for their caregivers.

Multiple Sclerosis
At some stage during the child's life a parent with MS may be incapable of doing anything physical for the child. In this case the parent's most valuable role will be to provide the child with emotional support and love.

Are multiple births too much of a good thing?
Some parents make a difficult choice: to "selectively reduce" the number of fetuses in a pregnancy with more than two. What would you do?

Why do multiple pregnancies occur?
Written by : DoctorNDTV Team
Multiple pregnancies usually occur by chance, but the probability may be more in women who have a family history of multiple pregnancies.

17 Multiple Pregnancy
The full text of A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth (Oxford University Press, 2000) is freely available on this website courtesy of the authors: Murray Enkin, Marc J.N.C.

The number of multiple births has skyrocketed across Canada over the past 10 years because of women using assisted reproductive technologies, according to Jon Barrett, ...

Multiple births are defined as any birth of more than one fetus that occurs in a single pregnancy. Most multiple births that naturally occur to parents are seen as two or three babies in one pregnancy.

Multiple births can be fraternal, identical, or a combination. Multiples associated with fertility treatments are mainly fraternal.
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Pregnancy with multiples ...

Multiple births are on the rise, and with them the odds of having multiples more than once. But dj vu doesn't quite describe the shock of going in for an early ultrasound and hearing, "There's two of them," a second time.

Multiples: Special sleep tactics
Mom Answers
Can a baby 10 months old, develop formula allergy, even if she was ok before with it?
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Pregnancy & Parenting  Multigravida  Multiple gestation

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