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Primipara (primip): A woman who has given birth to her first child.
SROM: Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes. If this occurs long before labor onset, it is called PROM (premature rupture of membranes). Usually labor naturally begins within a few hours (if it already hasn't) after SROM.

Primipara: A woman who has given birth for the first time to a baby older than 20 weeks gestation.
Prodromal labor: Contractions (such as Braxton Hicks) that occur before true labor begins. Considered false labor.

Primiparous postnatal patients (N = 110) rated their experience of childbirth on a 20-item questionnaire based on an earlier survey of women's spontaneous descriptions.

In primiparas, epidurals substantially increase the cesarean rate for dystocia. Here, too, the effect may depend on management. (Abstracts 2, 5-7, 10-15, 26, 33) ...

Effect of religion on the attitude of primiparous women toward genetic testing.
Prenat Diagn, 30(3): 241-6. [Abstract] [Full-text]
Difference in nuchal translucency between monozygotic and dizygotic spontaneously conceived twins.
Prenat Diagn, 30(3): 247-50. [Abstract] [Full-text] ...

To examine the effect that parity may have in response to RFTS participation, the same birth certificate and birth score variables were compared for ~arous and multiparous women. The most notable differences occurred between multiparous and ~arous women who did not receive RFTS services.

A woman pregnant for the first time. Sometimes called a ~ - a woman giving birth for the first time.
An external physical examination whereby your tummy will be palpated or pressed to determine the position of the foetus.

Atwal GS, Manku LK, Griffiths CE, et al. 2006. Striae gravidarum in ~arae. Br J Dermatol. 155(5): 965-9
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Mum was a ~ at 37 weeks. Bub was measuring small for dates. Bub was born via c-section with prematurely developed lungs and had to be flown to the capital city to spend 3 weeks in NICU before being transferred back to the original hospital for a further 3 weeks. It should never have happened.

-B, Welles-Nyström, B., Vorontsov, I., et al. (2007). Early lactation performance in ~arous and multiparous women in relation to different maternity home practices: A randomized trial in St. Petersburg. International Breastfeeding Journal, 2, 9.

~aras are at the very beginning of a long learning curve about what it's like to consider their breasts in a non-sexual context. Some women are very comfortable with this; others - even those without a history of abuse - need more time and space to adjust.

Prolonged labor
Labor which takes an abnormally long length of time. The usual length of time in labor is longer in ~arous women and varies considerably among individuals.

The duration of labour varies wildly, but averages some 13 hours for women giving birth to their first child ("~arae") and 8 hours for women who have already given birth. A natural way to speed the onset of labor is sustained walking which wears down the amniotic sac at the end of a pregnancy.

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