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Softening of the cervix

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Softening of the cervix seen as early as probable sign of pregnancy. Goodell's sign may be observed as early as six weeks of pregnancy.
A pregnant woman.

This is completely harmless and is caused by increased blood supply and softening of the cervix. Although this form of bleeding is not serious, you should always report this to your carer.

Occasionally women will experience a cervical erosion (a softening of the cervix), which can cause bleeding in early pregnancy. Bleeding can also be associated with a vaginal or cervical infection or a polyp (a benign growth).

This is quite normal and is caused by a combination of factors - increased blood supply, softening of the cervix and vaginal walls, and later, stimulation from the baby's head, as he or she presses against the cervix ready for labour.

Softening of the cervix usually occurs at about the same time, called "Goodell's Sign." The increase in size, as described above, is part of the total package change.

Midwife today, they don't check our dilation or effacement here til we're in labour. Is effacement the thinning/softening of the cervix? Lots of ladies r havin contractions, or braxton hicks - I haven't had a single sign of labour ;0( ...

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