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Teratogens are substances found the in the environment that can cause a birth defect. There are many different teratogens, and some are listed in the directory below are some, for which we have provided a brief overview.

A teratogen is any medication, chemical, infectious disease, or environmental agent that might interfere with the normal development of a foetus and result in the loss of a pregnancy , a birth defect , ...

Although the embryo is well protected in the uterus, certain agents, called teratogens may cause congenital malformations when structures are developing.

Teratogens: The Tests of Time
Women have traditionally been cautioned against taking medications during pregnancy, because there are no guarantees that any drug is safe.

Teratogens - Term for agents that cause physical defects in a developing unborn baby.
Terbutaline - A medication used to stop contractions.
Tocolytic Medications - Term for medications used to stop labor.

Teratogens - Agents that cause physical defects in a developing fetus
Terbutaline - A medication used to stop contractions of the uterus in preterm labor ...

Exposure to Teratogens:
Most people will have heard of thalidomide, the drug that caused "amputation" birth defects in babies. Other drugs and chemical exposures can cause birth defects in babies.

Some chemicals are teratogens. Teratogens are substances that can cause birth defects. But a lot depends on how often and how much you're exposed to them.

I used to work in a teratogen research lab primarily for FAS, but also other teratogens like caffeine. That's right...

Thalidomide is one of the most powerful human teratogens (drugs or other agents that cause abnormal development in the embryo or fetus). Taking even a single dose of thalidomide during early pregnancy may cause major birth defects (1).

MoonDragon's Health Information: Teratogens List
MoonDragon's Health Information: Drug Addiction (Substance Abuse)
In pregnancy, the continued use of these substances can cause mild to major problems for the mother and for the unborn child.

Teratology - Branch of science that deals with teratogens and their effects.

Intrauterine Growth Retardation - a reduction in fetal growth for reasons such as infection, inadequate placenta, or exposure to teratogens.
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) ...

It is in these crucial first few weeks--often before a woman even knows she's pregnant--that an embryo is most susceptible to teratogens, substances that can cause defects. However, some birth defects do occur later in pregnancy as well.

and needs to be processed by the foetus - which is hard when your liver is the size of a pin, and you're busy building billions of brain connections. Doctors and scientist classify alcohol as a teratogen; they told me other, more famous teratogens ...

stage of pregnancy, change in hormone level in women’s body can cause vomiting and depression. Some research says that that morning sickness is a protective mechanism for pregnant women from ingesting potential harmful items like teratogens or ...

a professor of pediatrics, pharmacology, and medicine and medical genetics at the University of Toronto and director of Motherisk, a service providing information about substances that cause birth defects (teratogens), ...

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Pregnancy & Parenting  Teratogenic  Terbutaline

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