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Cheap Stock?
A cheap stock does not mean, a bargain value stock. For a falling stock Zero may be a target. Beware, while you invest in them.

Buy s
As stocks have taken a beating of late it could be time to look for bargains and buy s.

That cheap stock
The stocks in the table above are all pretty cheap.

s get cheaper. Often times traders like the idea of trading s in hopes of greater returns. What about the inherit risk of trading cheaper stocks, the volatile swings, and not to mention the commissions?
Do not fade gaps ...

CHEAP STOCK. Common stock, stock options, warrants, or other potentially dilutive instruments issued to employees, consultants, directors, promoters, or others providing services to an issuer at a price lower than the public offering price.

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While cheap stocks listed on exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ aren't typically considered "penny stocks" per se, they can afford a lot of the benefits of penny stocks without quite so much risk.

The five s listed in the 'cheap' article were: ELN, BAC, SD, NAK and RIMM. At the time, I only gave two of them watch list status. The others? Not so much.

Greenblatt suggests purchasing 30 "good companies": cheap stocks with a high earnings yield and a high return on capital.

But even when some of the ratios appear favorable, a may not be quite as cheap as it seems and in reality may deserve to be cheap, or even cheaper than it already is.

50 for cheap stocks to several dollars for more expensive stocks. The box size may even change in the same graph if prices span a large interval. However, the trader can choose the box size that best suits his needs.

So-called bargain hunters for beaten-down or s only have slightly better odds for success than bottom-fishers in futures markets.

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If you are looking for s that are usually sold at $1 or less then penny stocks are the stocks you are looking for. Such stocks are generally issued by very speculative companies.

Please for the love of god don't do this on low volume, cheap stocks with no public interest. High volatility stocks like these are very risky for option sellers because they can gap higher/lower overnight and wipe out your profits.

Because this was the sole criterion for appearing in the printed list, small companies with very s could make a big splash simply by having a lot of their shares moved around.

Fire Sale
A fire sale normally occurs after a bears market when there are many cheap stocks in the financial market. In fact it can appear that all stocks are cheap and undervalued during this time.

Another important tip is to choose your penny stock broker carefully. Many stock brokers don't like penny stock traders and place extra charges for buying s.

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After you have narrowed the field using the above techniques, there will be no substitute for intense homework about company prospects to find which of those s that truly give you superior returns, what I call my "Home Run Stocks." ...

2) The slight uptrend also indicates that the lay public is being 'suckered into' the stock as they buy what they believe to be a cheap stock.

Apple's shares trade at a steep discount to the broader market, and the company is aggressively raising its dividend. Though Apple is no longer the growth story it once was, it's a profitable company with a .

For instance, some might consider a particular company's stock price cheap if the company's price-earnings ratio is much lower than the average for its industry. Another method of valuation that might indicate a cheap stock would be if a company's ...

During this volume surge, a large number of stocks are changing hands: from sellers in panic to buyers who are attracted by s.

is all about searching for stocks that the market is undervaluing. The idea is to get in while the price is lower so that you're on board when the market corrects and the price goes up. But a bargain stock doesn't necessarily mean a cheap stock.

most obvious books to start with are The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis by Graham and Buffettology by Mary Buffett. These books lay out some of the important thinking processes and investment criteria that they used to find s.

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