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Custodian bank

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Custodian bank
Applies mainly to international equities. Bank or other Financial institution that keeps custody of Stock certificates and other Assets of a mutual fund, individual, or corporate client. See: Depository Trust Company (DTC) ...

Local custodian bank
In relation to American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), a local custodian bank is a bank in a country foreign to the United States that holds the corresponding amount of shares of stock trading on the home stock market represented by an ADR trading in the U.S.

A custodian bank is a financial institution that is responsible for holding and keeping safe the various assets of an investment company. The assets can include any type of security, including stocks or bonds, as well as assets like jewelry or other valuables.

Custodian Bank
Bank assigned by a mutual fund to act as its custodian. The bank performs clerical functions and holds the fund's cash and securities.

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Clearing house
Custodian bank
^ exchange-handbook.co uk article on the risks associated with Depositories, at the Handbook of world stock, derivative and commodity exchanges website.

Investment funds are administered either by a capital investment company or an investment company. The fund's assets are held at a custodian bank. Shares in a fund may be bought or sold through capital investment companies or the exchange.

Under the draft law, banks and other institutions that act as so-called depositaries for UCITS would face limits on their ability to delegate away responsibility for the safekeeping of assets. The measures also clarify the custodian bank’ ...

The confirmation of trades, and the reporting of the transaction, may be much slower than in American markets. Finally, shares are often held safe with custodian banks and depositories.

Rules providing for the safekeeping of shares held by custodian banks or depositories may not be as well developed in some foreign markets, with the risk that your shares may not be protected if the custodian has credit problems or fails.

These documents authorize the holder of these shares all ownership related rights including right to receive dividend as and when they are issued plus these share holders also have right to vote to the shares, held on deposit by a bank termed as custodian bank in the home country or territory of ...

Plan completion life insurance: Insurance with an optional feature stipulating that if the planholder dies before completing the contract, a life insurance policy will complete the purchase. The insurance proceeds are paid to the custodian bank of the plan, which completes the purchase.

shares of equity and other assets for the success of the exchange-trading fund. A second function of the authorized participant begins when the block of underlying securities have been obtained, that is when the authorized participant must transfer these securities usually to a custodian bank.

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