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Delivery Option
Delivery Option - A feature added to future contracts predetermining the short position of timing, quantity, location and quality of any commodity reflected in the delivery notice.

Delivery versus payment or DVP is a common form of settlement for securities. The process involves the simultaneous delivery of all documents necessary to give effect to a transfer of securities in exchange for the receipt of the stipulated payment amount.

Delivery requirements and locations
ASX grain futures are deliverable in up-country locations of approved bulk handlers. With the exception of WA wheat where transfer of virtual entitlement can occur at Kwinana Terminal, ports are not acceptable delivery locations.

Delivery Date
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Date by which a seller must fulfill the obligations of a forward or futures contract.

The tender and receipt of the underlying commodity or the payment or receipt of cash in the settlement of an open futures contract.
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Delivery Date
The date of maturity of the contract, when the final settlement of transaction is made by exchanging the currencies.
This date is more commonly known as the value date.

Delivery Month
The specified month within which a futures contract matures and can be settled by delivery or the specified month in which the delivery period begins.

The settlement of a transaction by receipt or tender of a financial instrument or currency.
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Cash delivery
Cash delivery in the Forex market is the same day settlement of a trade.Once a trade has been closed, the settlement on the trade will execute right away.

Cash delivery
The provision of some futures contracts that requires not Delivery of Underlying assets but Settlement according to the Cash value of the asset. ...

Spot Delivery Contract
The delivery of the securities and the payment for the securities is done within the same day as the date of the contract or the next business day.
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Physical delivery in derivatives markets refers to settlement by receiving or sending the underlying assets - stock certificates, head of cattle - to the holder at the contract's maturation date rather than send the cash equivalent (cash settlement).

Physical Delivery
What is the definition of Physical Delivery?
When a seller gives the actual underlying asset to a buyer, a physical delivery is said to have occurred.

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Bad delivery
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Replevin (Sequestration, Claim and Delivery)
Replevin is similar to attachment, in that property is levied for the creditor's benefit until a judgment is rendered, but whereas any nonexempt property can be attached, ...

Prior to delivery day, they inform customers who have open long positions that they must either close out the position or prepare to take delivery and pay the full value of the underlying contract.

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The process of satisfying an equity call assignment or an equity put exercise. In either case, stock is delivered. For futures, the process of transferring the physical commodity from the seller of the futures contract to the buyer.

delivery month For physically settled futures contracts, the month during which delivery occurs.
delivery price The price to be paid under a forward contract.
delta The Greek factor sensitivities measuring a portfolio's first order (linear) sensitivity to the value of an underlier.

Delivery -- Delivery generally refers to the change of ownership or control of a commodity under specific terms and procedures established by the Exchange upon which the contract is traded.

Receipt of actual commodity or financial instrument or in the case of currency, the profit or losses credited or debited from a trading account, in settlement of a currency/financial contract.
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Delivery Notice: The written notice given by the seller of his intention to make delivery against an open short futures position on a particular date.

Delivery Balance Order (DBO)
An order issued by the clearing corporation to any firm that has delivery or sale position remaining after the day's trades are netted.
A centralized location for keeping securities on deposit.

Delivery Based Trading : When a share is bought or sold for the purpose of receiving or effecting deliveries.
Dematerialisation : Process of converting a security from physical form to electronic form ...

Delivery Versus Payment - DVP
A securities industry procedure in which the buyer's payment for securities is due at the time of delivery. Security delivery and payment are simultaneous.
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The tender and receipt of an actual commodity or financial instrument, or cash in settlement of a futures contract.
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delivery versus receipt The simultaneous delivery of stock in exchange for a receipt. See also DELIVERY VERSUS PAYMENT.
Denver Stock Exchange A regional exchange located in Denver, Colorado. Closed in 1936.

Delivery Date
The date of maturity of the contract, when the exchange of the currencies is made; this date is more commonly known as the value date in the FX or Money markets.
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Delivery - An FX trade where both sides make and take actual delivery of the currencies traded.
Depreciation - A fall in the value of a currency due to market forces.

Securities sellers must deliver the certificates on or before the third business day after the sale. Delayed delivery refers to a transaction in which there is a clear understanding that delivery of the securities involved will be delayed beyond this three day period.

Delivery Risk - A term to describe when a counterparty will not be able to complete his side of the deal, although willing to do so.
Depreciation - A fall in the value of a currency due to market forces rather than due to official action.

Delivery Commitment, Buyer's - The written notice given by the buyer of his intention to take delivery against a long futures position on delivery day.

Delivery Adjusted Fair Quoted Futures Price
Delivery Date
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Delivery - The handing over of the assets outlined in the terms of a futures contract.
Delivery Date - The date the deliverable stocks are to be handed over in accordance with the terms of a futures contract.
Delivery Month - The month in which a futures contract expires.

Delivery Versus Payment
The acronym for DVP (delivery versus payment), or transactions in which there is simultaneous transfer of cash and securities following the trade. A basic feature of automated clearing and settlement, DVP reduces risk significantly: today fewer than 0.

Delivery Day - The third day in the delivery process at the Chicago Board of Trade, when the buyer's clearing firm presents the delivery notice with a certified check for the amount due at the office of the seller's clearing firm.

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The date on which forward or futures contract for sale falls due.
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The physical movement from seller to buyer of the underlying asset on which the derivative is based.
The change in the monetary value of an instrument for a one basis point change in the price of that instrument.

Delivery: The tender and receipt of the actual commodity, the cash value of the commodity, or of a delivery instrument covering the commodity (e.g., warehouse receipts or shipping certificates), used to settle a futures contract. See Notice of Delivery.

Delivery - Satisfaction of the obligation under an option contract, consisting of the purchase of shares under terms of a call or the sale of shares under terms of a put.

Delivery versus payment: A type of settlement, commonly used by bank trust departments, in which the security is paid for when the broker/dealer has it deliverable in the purchaser's name. Also referred to as DVP or COD.

Delivery Point
In futures contracts, the delivery point is the place where the ...
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year actual delivery Where Both Sides transfer possession of currencies traded.
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The Delivery Date.
A futures contract is referred to by its delivery month specified by the exchange. It can be or a date or a month depending on the nature of the underlying asset.
On top of these major characteristics, some other rules are generally fixed: ...

Bad delivery
Antithesis of good delivery.
Bad title
Title to property that does not distinctly confer ownership, usually in the context of real estate.

Interdelivery Spread
A spread in which the long and short legs are in two different but generally related commodity markets. Also called an intermarket spread. See also: Spread
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Call Delivery
Calls are given in real time through Yahoo Messenger as they are traded. No SMS communication is done because of reliability factors. Entry and exit of calls are fully guided.

Good Delivery - Securities delivered to the broker from the seller that are properly endorsed and in proper order to be delivered to the buyer.

Good delivery - Certain basic qualifications must be met before a security sold on the Exchange may be delivered. The security must be in proper form to comply with the contract of sale and to transfer title to the purchaser.

Take Delivery - To fulfill the obligation of buying stocks when put options that you sold becomes exercised.
Technical Analysis - The method of predicting future stock price movements based on observation of historical stock price movements.

Cash delivery - settling against an agreed reference rate such as the closing value of a stock index, or of an interest index such as LIBOR / SIBOR.

Comex delivery failure: In the first three months of the year, stocks of gold held at Comex warehouses plunged by the largest figure ever on record during a single quarter.

Taking Delivery of a Commodity
In many cases, the buyer of a contract never takes physical delivery of the commodity. Typically, the buyer and seller liquidate their holdings before the contract expiration date.

Bad Delivery Cell
A delivery of shares turns out to be bad if there is a company objection on account of signature difference, or if shares are fake, forged or stolen etc.

initial delivery
The delivery of a new issue by the issuer to the original purchaser, upon payment of the purchase price. Also called "original delivery."
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Delivery-type futures contracts stipulate the specifications of the commodity to be delivered (such as 5,000 bushels of grain, 40,000 pounds of livestock, or 100 troy ounces of gold). Foreign currency futures provide for delivery of a specified number of marks, francs, yen, pounds or pesos. U.S.

Delivery Date
The date on which the commodity or instrument of delivery must be delivered to fulfill the terms of a contract.
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Delivery Cut-off
The point in time that signifies the end of the trade date. The trade date of any contract entered into after the daily cut-off shall be the next business day. The daily cut-off will occur at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time (2:00 p.m. Pacific time).
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Delivery date

The date on which delivery of the underlying goods of a Futures contract will take place. For speculative investing in Futures, the contract future position must be closed on or before this date.

Delivery date Normally refers to an exchange transaction contracted for settlement on the day the deal is struck. This term is mainly used in the North American markets and those countries which rely for foreign exchange services on these markets because of time zone preference i.e. Latin America.

The process of meeting the terms of a written option contract when notification of assignment has been received. In the case of a short equity call, the writer must deliver stock and in return receives cash for the stock sold.

Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) - Settlement of security transactions used by institutional customers. Certificates are delivered to a bank designated by the customer whereupon the bank makes payment on delivery.
Depository - A central location for keeping securities on deposit.

Delivery date
Date by which a seller must fulfill the obligations of a forward or futures contract.
Delivery notice
The written notice given by the seller of its intention to make delivery against an open, short futures position on a particular date. Related: Notice day.

Last, delivery of goods and services to the end user is extremely important to the profit model. A company may produce excellent products, but if the buyers cannot receive and make use of the goods, the entire effort is wasted.

March-delivery gasoline declined 0.35 cent to $2.8212 a gallon, after touching $2.785 before the report. Trading volume was 12 percent above the 100-day average.

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A set of delivery instruction (DI) slips will be give to you from the DP. This is almost similar to he cheque book you get when you open your bank account. A DI slip has to be filled and sent to the DP on every delivery (sale of shares) you make.

Physical delivery
On a derivative's expiry, repayment is by means of delivery of the underlying asset.
Plain-vanilla option
A standard option (call or put) devoid of special conditions.

The nearest delivery month on a futures contract.
Spot price
The current market price of the actual physical commodity. Also called cash price.

"If you take delivery of it, what are you going to do? Are you going to have it as a paperweight on your desk? Are you going to have a home safe? What are you actually going to do with this once you've got it," Guffey says. "People need to think that through."
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Access to, or delivery of a copy of, the Options Disclosure Document must accompany this worksheet.
Out-of-the-Money Bear Put Spread
Example: The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) is at 48.00 on weaker stock markets. VIX was trading under 40 less than 1 week ago.

Related: Defined benefit plan DeliveryThe tender and receipt of an actual commodity or financial instrument in settlement of a futures contract.

Nearby Delivery Month The futures contract month closest to expiration. Also referred to as the Spot Month. Net asset value (NAV) The price of each share of a mutual fund.

Delivery Date The day in the month that commodities on a futures contract have to be delivered. Delivery Month The month in which commodities on a futures contract have to be delivered. See Active Delivery Month.

Delivery Date The day a commodity futures contract must be delivered.
Delta The ratio of change in the price of a derivative with the price of the asset.
Delta Hedging A strategy using a portfolio of options that are not sensitive to the changes in the price of an underlying asset.

recent years due to their emergence as significant commodities consumers and producers. The biggest commodities markets are New York Mercantile Exchange in USA, Tokyo Commodity Exchange in Japan, NYSE Euronext in EU, Dalian Commodity Exchange in China, Multi Commodity Exchange in India.
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When a physical delivery uncovered/ naked call is assigned an exercise, the writer will have to purchase the underlying asset to meet his call obligation and his loss will be the excess of the purchase price over the exercise price of the call reduced by the premium received for writing the call.

When it comes to delivery then you do have lots of choices. These days you can get a technical analysis course on the internet, on DVDs, in books or even at seminars. Seminars are good because you can really see the practical application.

To get quicker delivery of shares into your account
Investors/clients can get direct delivery of shares in their beneficiary accounts.
To ensure this, you have to give details of your beneficiary account and the DP-identity of your depository participant to your broker.

The date for the delivery of bonds and payment of funds agreed to in a transaction.
Sinking fund
Money set aside by an issuer of bonds on a regular basis, for the specific purpose of redeeming debt. Bonds with such a feature are known as 'sinkers.' ...

You agree that non-delivery of your order does not constitute sufficient grounds for cancellation of said order, or for dispute of the charges for said order or any products therein.

[CFTC] abandonment The act of refusing delivery of a shipment so badly damaged in transit that it is worthless; OR damage to a vessel that is so severe that it is considered a constructive total loss.

With underlying oil risk and averaging over a long period, delta hedging an Asian Option may require hedging in oil futures contracts with several different delivery dates. Comment: Rarely, the expression, Asian Option, may indicate an Average Strike Option (q.v.).

Cash commodity: Actual quantities of a commodity, as distinguished from futures contracts; goods available for immediate delivery or delivery within a specified period following sale; or a commodity bought or sold with an agreement for delivery at a specified future date.

Commission (or Round Turn) The one-time fee charged by a broker to a customer when a futures or options on futures position is liquidated either by offset or delivery.
CFTC CFTC - The Commodity Futures Trading Commission as created by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act of 1974.

Related: Term bonds Settlement date Also called the delivery date, the designated date at which the parties to a futures contract must transact. Settlement Price A figure determined by the closing range which is used to calculate gains and losses in futures market accounts.

(See clearance, prompt receipt and delivery of securities) settlement date (T+3)
The date specified for delivery of securities between securities firms, usually three business days after the execution of an order. (See prompt receipt and delivery of securities) shareholder of record ...

Cash Delivery : Same day settlement.
Cash Market : The market in the actual financial instrument on which a fu...
CBOE : Chicago Board Options Exchange.
CBOT : Chicago Board of Trade.
CBOT or CBT : Chicago Board of Trade.
CCI : See Commodity Channel Index.

The delivery mechanism is usually cash settlement. Stop and Reverse (SAR) A stop that, when hit, is a signal to reverse the current trading position, i.e., from long to short. Also known as reversal stop .

Back Months Futures delivery months other than front month. Bear One who expects a decline in prices.. A news item is considered bearish if it is expected to result in lower prices. Bear Market A market in which prices generally are declining over a period of months or years.

delayed delivery (investment & finance)
delayed opening (investment & finance)
delayed settlement (investment & finance)
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deleveraging (investment & finance)
delist (investment & finance)
deliver (investment & finance)
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You register the offering exclusively in one or more states that require a publicly filed registration statement and delivery of a substantive disclosure document to investors; ...

A Spot Trade in Forex is a purchase or sale of a foreign currency in the Spot Market at the Spot Rate for immediate delivery or delivery "on the spot", as opposed to a date in the future. Spot contracts are typically cleared and settled electronically.

To take account of this delay in the date of shipment and the date of delivery and payment, bankers acceptances were devised. A banker's acceptance, like a cheque, can be used as a type of money.

Futures are contracts to make or accept delivery of a given commodity on a given date at a prearranged price. Futures are traded on all sorts of things, including corn, pork bellies, and Treasury securities.

Consider a forward price for delivery shortly after a harvest of an agricultural product. Prior to the harvest, the spot price may be high, reflecting depleted supplies of the product, but the forward price will not be high.

In May 2009, the SEC approved the "access equals delivery" system for primary market disclosures and trade data.

Futures contracts are agreements to make or take delivery of financial and commodity products at future prices that are set in the present. Standardized futures contracts specify price, quantity and month of delivery of the underlying products.

To understand Rho, you need to know that, with an option, the underlying price is really the future delivery price of the stock. This future delivery price is determined by the stock price, interest and dividend (if any) and the maturity of the contract.

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