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Delivery Option
Delivery Option - A feature added to future contracts predetermining the short position of timing, quantity, location and quality of any commodity reflected in the delivery notice.

The tender and receipt of the underlying commodity or the payment or receipt of cash in the settlement of an open futures contract.
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Delivery Date
The date of maturity of the contract, when the final settlement of transaction is made by exchanging the currencies.
This date is more commonly known as the value date.

Delivery notice
The written notice given by the seller of his intention to make delivery against an open short futures position on a particular date.

'Delivery versus payment or DVP is a securities settlement mechanism that links two securities transfers in such a way as to ensure that delivery of one security occurs if and only if the corresponding delivery of the other security occurs[1].

The settlement of a transaction by receipt or tender of a financial instrument or currency.
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Cash delivery
Cash delivery in the Forex market is the same day settlement of a trade.Once a trade has been closed, the settlement on the trade will execute right away.

Cash delivery
The provision of some futures contracts that requires not Delivery of Underlying assets but Settlement according to the Cash value of the asset. ...

The delivery of the securities and the payment for the securities is done within the same day as the date of the contract or the next business day.
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Physical Delivery
What is the definition of Physical Delivery?
When a seller gives the actual underlying asset to a buyer, a physical delivery is said to have occurred.

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Bad delivery
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For some futures contracts, such as stock index futures, there is no physical delivery. Rather, positions are closed out through cash settlement.

Prior to delivery day, they inform customers who have open long positions that they must either close out the position or prepare to take delivery and pay the full value of the underlying contract.

While others will tell you to feel free to lubricate your throat during your delivery, my goal is for you to eliminate that need while speaking. The human voice can certainly take a 50-minute presentation without fluid.

The process of satisfying an equity call assignment or an equity put exercise. In either case, stock is delivered. For futures, the process of transferring the physical commodity from the seller of the futures contract to the buyer.

Delivery: The tender and receipt of the actual commodity, the cash value of the commodity, or of a delivery instrument covering the commodity (e.g., warehouse receipts or shipping certificates), used to settle a futures contract.

Delivery -- Delivery generally refers to the change of ownership or control of a commodity under specific terms and procedures established by the Exchange upon which the contract is traded.

Delivery Balance Order (DBO)
An order issued by the clearing corporation to any firm that has delivery or sale position remaining after the day's trades are netted.
A centralized location for keeping securities on deposit.

Delivery Based Trading : When a share is bought or sold for the purpose of receiving or effecting deliveries.
Dematerialisation : Process of converting a security from physical form to electronic form ...

Delivery Versus Payment - DVP
A securities industry procedure in which the buyer's payment for securities is due at the time of delivery. Security delivery and payment are simultaneous.
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The tender and receipt of an actual commodity or financial instrument, or cash in settlement of a futures contract.

Delivery versus payment: A type of settlement, commonly used by bank trust departments, in which the security is paid for when the broker/dealer has it deliverable in the purchaser's name. Also referred to as DVP or COD.

Delivery - An FX trade where both sides make and take actual delivery of the currencies traded.
Depreciation - A fall in the value of a currency due to market forces.

Delivery Risk - A term to describe when a counterparty will not be able to complete his side of the deal, although willing to do so.
Depreciation - A fall in the value of a currency due to market forces rather than due to official action.

Delivery Commitment, Buyer's - The written notice given by the buyer of his intention to take delivery against a long futures position on delivery day.

Delivery - An actual delivery where both sides transfer possession of the currencies traded.

Delivery - The handing over of the assets outlined in the terms of a futures contract.
Delivery Date - The date the deliverable stocks are to be handed over in accordance with the terms of a futures contract.

Delivery Versus Payment
The acronym for DVP (delivery versus payment), or transactions in which there is simultaneous transfer of cash and securities following the trade.

Delivery Day - The third day in the delivery process at the Chicago Board of Trade, when the buyer's clearing firm presents the delivery notice with a certified check for the amount due at the office of the seller's clearing firm.

Delivery Balance Order (DBO) - An order issued by the clearing corporation to any firm that, after the day's trades are netted, has delivery or sale position remaining. The order defines what is to be delivered to whom.

Delivery Month
The calendar month in which a futures contract may be satisfied by making or taking delivery.

Delivery - Satisfaction of the obligation under an option contract, consisting of the purchase of shares under terms of a call or the sale of shares under terms of a put.

Bad delivery
When physical share certificates along with transfer deeds are delivered in the market there are certain details to be filled in the transfer deed. Any improper execution of these details result in a bad delivery.

Bad delivery
Antithesis of good delivery.
Bad title
Title to property that does not distinctly confer ownership, usually in the context of real estate.

Interdelivery Spread
A spread in which the long and short legs are in two different but generally related commodity markets. Also called an intermarket spread. See also: Spread
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Call Delivery
Calls are given in real time through Yahoo Messenger as they are traded, and optionally on SMS at a nominal additional cost. The first call of the day is also emailed to all users as a backup.

Good delivery - Certain basic qualifications must be met before a security sold on the Exchange may be delivered. The security must be in proper form to comply with the contract of sale and to transfer title to the purchaser.

Take Delivery - To fulfill the obligation of buying stocks when put options that you sold becomes exercised.
Technical Analysis - The method of predicting future stock price movements based on observation of historical stock price movements.

Cash delivery - settling against an agreed reference rate such as the closing value of a stock index, or of an interest index such as LIBOR / SIBOR.

Taking Delivery of a Commodity
In many cases, the buyer of a contract never takes physical delivery of the commodity. Typically, the buyer and seller liquidate their holdings before the contract expiration date.

Bad Delivery Cell
A delivery of shares turns out to be bad if there is a company objection on account of signature difference, or if shares are fake, forged or stolen etc.

initial delivery
The delivery of a new issue by the issuer to the original purchaser, upon payment of the purchase price. Also called "original delivery."
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Delivery-type futures contracts stipulate the specifications of the commodity to be delivered (such as 5,000 bushels of grain, 40,000 pounds of livestock, or 100 troy ounces of gold).

Delivery Date
The date on which the commodity or instrument of delivery must be delivered to fulfill the terms of a contract.
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DELIVERY NOTICE - A notice of a clearing member's intentions to deliver a stated quantity of a commodity in settlement of a futures contract.

Delivery date

The date on which delivery of the underlying goods of a Futures contract will take place. For speculative investing in Futures, the contract future position must be closed on or before this date.

Delivery of a gift is complete when it is made directly to the donee, or to a third party on the donee's behalf.

Delivery date Normally refers to an exchange transaction contracted for settlement on the day the deal is struck.

The process of meeting the terms of a written option contract when notification of assignment has been received. In the case of a short equity call, the writer must deliver stock and in return receives cash for the stock sold.

Delivery Date
The date of maturity of the contract, when the exchange of the currencies is made. This date is more commonly known as the value date in the FX or Money markets.

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Cash Delivery
The market in the actual financial instrument on which a futures or options contract is based.
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Interdelivery Spread: The purchase of one delivery month of a given futures contract and simultaneous sale of another delivery month of the same commodity on the same exchange. Also referred to as an intramarket or calendar spread.

Last, delivery of goods and services to the end user is extremely important to the profit model. A company may produce excellent products, but if the buyers cannot receive and make use of the goods, the entire effort is wasted.

Commission (or Round Turn) The one-time fee charged by a broker to a customer when a futures or options on futures position is liquidated either by offset or delivery.

Related: Term bonds Settlement date Also called the delivery date, the designated date at which the parties to a futures contract must transact.

(See clearance, prompt receipt and delivery of securities) settlement date (T+3)
The date specified for delivery of securities between securities firms, usually three business days after the execution of an order.

Cash Delivery : Same day settlement.
Cash Market : The market in the actual financial instrument on which a fu...
CBOE : Chicago Board Options Exchange.
CBOT : Chicago Board of Trade.
CBOT or CBT : Chicago Board of Trade.

Back Months Futures delivery months other than front month. Bear One who expects a decline in prices.. A news item is considered bearish if it is expected to result in lower prices.

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Stock market  Delisting  Delivery date

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