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Inside Bar Chart Pattern
An Inside Bar (Bullish) indicates a possible reversal of the current downtrend to a new uptrend. This pattern is an indication of a financial instrument's SHORT-TERM outlook.

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Inside Bars (And How to Trade Them)
By James Stanley, Forex Trading Instructor
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When do Inside Bars Occur?
Reversals: When the price action hits a point of strong resistance, the major market participants tend to start locking in their profits by closing their open positions, ...

Inside bars represent an area of congestion, in which price range contracts. The smaller the range, the more agreeable the traders are. When traders agree, prices stagnate and breakouts tend to fail.

An inside bar has both its high and low within the high and low of the previous bar. Inside bars are areas of lower volatility and can be used to your advantage.

Inside Bars and Outside Bars
{image = inside_out}
Inside bars and outside bars are single bar patterns that are often identified as having important qualities and break of the bar's extremes imply a continuation of the underlying direction.

Inside bar patterns refer to times when the high of a price bar is lower than the previous bar’s high and the low of a price bar is higher than the previous bar’s low.

Inside Bar/Bullish Harami on Alcoa Daily Chart
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Inside bars look like this:
Doji Bars look like this:
Below are more Doji bars. The open and close are at the same price or very near to the same price, yielding a bar that looks like this: ...

These include the key reversal, the inside bar, and the outside bar. In addition, bar charts can also trace complex chart patterns, such as the head and shoulders pattern, that recur on a reasonably regular basis.

In theory waiting for a break of the range after an inside bar or a tight trading range will often lead to consistent profits. The key thing to remember with the 9:50 to 10:10 time frame is this is the only window of opportunity to enter new trades.

The Popgun is a two-bar pattern composed of an outside bar preceded by an inside bar.

NTAP was a dummy long off of two NR inside bars. I was hoping it could finally break this consolidation triangle, but it failed. However, it did generate a higher low late in the session and could move tomorrow, so keep it on the watchlist.

The second candlestick is an inside bar, that is also a red candlestick. This formation is not a strong sign that a reversal is in play, but it is a sign that the current trend may be losing steam.

(Mnemonic: think of the long real body giving birth to the smaller body.) The harami pattern is similar to the inside bar pattern, but the difference is that in the harami, only the real body is within the price of the preceding real body; ...

It also formed right on the weekly pivot and it was also an inside bar or harami if you wish to use candlestick jargon.

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Stock market  In-service withdrawal  Inside day

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