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Momentum Stocks

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Momentum Stocks
Companies currently in favor by investors (price/sales greater than 10, price/earnings greater than 35 or so).
News On Momentum Stocks ...

Trading Momentum Stocks
Trading momentum stocks works for two basic reasons. It has been demonstrated that stocks that have been performing well tend to continue to outperform the rest of the stock market.

Momentum Stocks
Describes company stocks that investors hold in high esteem. (High yielding -- fast moving stocks)
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10 Momentum Stocks for Monday
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Learn the 10 run-away stocks you need to know for Monday's trading.

No Taper: 7 Top Momentum Stocks To Cash In On S&P 500 Above 1,700
By: Michael Vodicka
Publish Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Stocks(s): CRM, GRPN, LNKD, NDLS, TSLA, YELP, Z ...

Trending Stocks
Support/Resistance (Breakouts)
Other Technical Analysis Setups ...

A free daily list of the 50 highest-~ in our database is at Momentum List 2. A free daily list of stocks that just surged at least 2% in price and 50% in volume is at Surges 3. A free daily list of stocks making new highs is at New Highs 4.

These insider sales are still small when compared many other recent ~ that enable the cloud.

But whatever you do, don't jump into hot ~, with tens of thousand of dollars, and then try to figure out what the long-term prospects of the company are. This mistake is all too common and can be very costly.
Final Words
Averaging down solely to comfort yourself.

Namely, ~ are generally in the focus of most investors. This means that the price of the stocks and the P/E may be already high, which leads to your inability to purchase them cheap. The price will quickly fall when a small decrease in the earnings is experienced.

Yall take a look at NUS. Getting a ton of buzz this evening, and shares are up 13% Afterhours. I have a new screen for ~, and this one qualified before the big jump up today. May look at a small position tomorrow. Thanks!
Damn nice I wish I read this earlier today!
Reply ...

Factor ETFs pool companies or stocks with similar qualities or attributes: value stocks, small or large companies, ~ or even metrics such as return on equity.
There are all sorts of reasons someone may want to add factor-based ETFs to their portfolio.

ChatHotStocks.com helps beginner and experienced online traders how to pick ~ every day in a practical way.
How To Create Wealth In The Stock Market ...

These stocks are usually the antithesis of high-~. The GARP strategy incorporates philosophies of both growth and value investing, seeking a balance between companies that have had consistently strong earnings growth and those trading at attractive price valuations.

We were discussing the wisdom of playing long-term shorts on ~ like (PCLN), (NFLX), (OPEN) and (CMG) this weekend and my thought regarding whether NFLX should be used as a "focus short" (the kind we stick with and roll along) was: ...

ShootingStarr54: do you get all hung up on the major indexes spx etc confirming what your stock
Toni: Not really shooting star. I like it if they do, but if dealing with news and ~ then it is not as important.
ShootingStarr54: thanks ...

Pullbacks in runaways usually last no more than a few days. Although those ~ may be very volatile intra-day, for the agile, disciplined trader, this volatility offers opportunity. Since momentum begets momentum, I stalk the highest-momentum names for signs of continuation.

Research shows that stocks which have exhibited strong performance over some defined historical period, have a tendency to continue to exhibit strong performance for some number of future periods. It means that investors can potentially hitch a ride on strong ~.

media stocks such as LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD), Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) have been leading the market and have turned into the momentum players' favorite trading and investing names. Many social media stocks have characteristics that are typical of ~, ...

momentum (technical-based) day or swing traders - they trade on high ~, in which it has high volatility. They need their orders executed lightning fast, and may need to get out quickly if the market goes against them.

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