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Squeeze Alert Definition
The squeeze alert pattern can occur in both bull and bear markets. This pattern consists of three candlesticks, where one candlestick has a long body, followed by two candlesticks that have smaller high low ranges than the previous bars.

Squeeze out or freeze-out is a term referring to the compulsory acquisition of the stakes of a small group of shareholders from a joint-stock company by means of cash compensation.[1] ...

Process during which minority shareholders are forced out of holdings in a company in return for cash
In Germany, the majority shareholder has to hold at least 95 percent of a company?s shares before it can execute a squeeze-out.

Period when stocks or commodities futures increase in price and investors who have sold short must cover their short positions to prevent loss of large amounts of money. ...

The Squeeze indicator measures the relationship between two studies: Bollinger Bands® and Keltner's Channels. When the volatility increases, so does the distance between the bands, conversely, when the volatility declines, the distance also decreases.

Bear ~
This is a peculiar trading situation which takes place when traders who are holding short positions experience an appreciation in the currencys value. When the trading losses go up, traders tend to close out short positions.

Short ~ Charting Example
The below chart example is from the stock Lehman Brothers from the spring of '08. Notice how the stock had a sharp sell off down to 20, only to trigger a short ~ that shot the stock back up to $50 in 2 trading sessions.
Short ~ ...

Short ~
A sharp move up in stock price forcing short sellers to liquidate their positions.
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Short ~
When stock prices rise to a point that forces sellers to liquidate.
Short-term Debt ...

Short ~
The pressure on short sellers to cover their positions as a result of sharp price increases.
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Short ~
It is a situation in which the price of the stock rises, and the investors who short the stock rushes to buy it, to cover their position or losses.
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This is a three-day bullish reversal pattern. It was developed because of the frequent event where prices can break to the upside following this pattern, especially if the pattern is preceded by a strong downside move.

AAPL - Swing Trading Signals - Catch the Short ~
AAPL is our latest swing trading signal and it is based on catching a short ~ according to the rules of the Rubber Band Swing Trading Strategy. The set-up is for the 60-min chart.

When the central bank retracts the money supply to increase the price of money. See Also: Monetary Policy
Stable Market ...

~ - Action by a central bank to reduce supply in order to increase the price of money.
Stable market - An active market which can absorb large sale or purchases of currency without major moves.
Standard - A term referring to certain normal amounts and maturities for dealing.

~: A market situation in which the lack of supplies tends to force shorts to cover their positions by offset at higher prices. Also see Congestion, Corner.
SRO: See Self-Regulatory Organization.

~d out Forced liquidation of a position due to an inability to sustain further losses.
SRO An abbreviation of self-regulatory organization.

Action by a central bank in order to supply for reduce to Increase the price of money.
Stable market ...

CCI~ Indicator
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The ~: The ~ (tightening) is a period of low volatility and often happens before a big move. It can also help identify potential breakout areas.
Reversal: In conjunction with other indicators you can identify potential reversal points.
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Short ~
Too many open short positions on a stock can also be a very bullish sign. What can happen is a scenario where everyone borrows stock and sells it on the open market in hopes of buying it back at a cheaper price sometime in the future.

short ~ A speculative trading strategy that takes advantage of short sellers' need to eventually buy back assets they are short.
short volatility Holding a position that has negative vega.

Short ~
A situation in which a lack of supply and an excess demand for a traded stock forces the price upward.
Sideways Market ...

A price point where short sales are stopped out (usually 1-2 points above a resistance level or previous high) setting in motion a series of automatic buys and potentially a strong price move upward.

Short ~- This is an upward price of stocks caused y lack of supply and over demand of stocks in the market.
Specialist- This is a person who tries to narrow the gap that may be experienced when the market maker is not available.

Short ~: A situation in which traders who have sold short are forced to buy to cover their short positions. The amount of "forced" buying drives prices even higher than they would normally go & creates even more losses for the traders who are short, which in turn creates more buying.

Short ~ - A situation in which a lack of supplies tends to force those who have sold to cover their positions by offsetting them in the futures market rather than by delivery.
Speculator - A person who attempts to anticipate price changes and through market activities makes profits.

Short ~ - a short ~ results from a sudden demand (i.e. buying) in a stock which has a large amount of shares outstanding on the short side. If the buying persists to an extent that short sellers must cover their short positions, the result can be brutal to the short sellers.

Short ~
A situation in which a heavily shorted stock or commodity moves ...
Volume ...

~ - an attempt to limit (but not totally freeze) increases in pay, profits, credit, etc.

stabilize - to attempt to keep something at the same level, to avoid fluctuations.

Transfer of the shares held by minority stockholders in a stock corporation to the majority stockholder in return for a compensation payment. In Germany, a majority stockholder with an interest of 95 percent can request a ~-out.
Stakeholder value ...

The ~ setup using Bollinger Bands is a great example of a break-out trade setup. It uses Bollinger Bands to find low volatility periods to avoid false breakouts.
Basic Trade Setups Tips
Types Of Trade Setups Are Not Mutually Exclusive ...

The ~ can also be applied to weekly charts or longer timeframes. Volatility and BandWidth are typically higher on the weekly timeframe than a daily timeframe. This makes sense because larger price movements can be expected over longer timeframes.

Bear ~
A Bear ~ refers to market activity which shows a sharp upward jolt in price action despite a large number of sell positions in a given area.
Bearish Trend ...

Bear ~
Any official action in the market or through regulations which makes it costly or difficult for bears to stay short of a suspect currency.
Bearer ...

Long ~
Performance anxiety; pulling market participants into a rallying tape.
Lord Tush ...

A ~ does not have to last for a week, a month, or any other set period to mean a ~ has taken place. If the two bands narrow their separation for even a day, that is a ~. Why? the Bollinger band equations are based on a 20 day measurement.

Short ~: A "short ~" occurs when the price of a security begins to rise rapidly and short sellers of that stock attempt to buy shares to cover their positions.

@buyand~ - To be clear: the dividend is a somewhat positive sign, although most investors expected it, and Chevron has plenty of payout-ratio breathing room even if earnings fall short in the short run.

A short ~ occurs when the market drives higher and short sellers exit their positions in large numbers. This adds extra buying pressure to the share price because the short sellers are rushing to cover their positions.

Use the ~ as a set up
Then go with an expansion in volatility
Beware the head fake
Use volume indicators for direction clues
Adjust the parameters to suit yourself ...

A "short ~" refers to a situation where traders who have shorted a stock are forced, or ~d, out of their positions by a rapid rise in the stock's price.
Mutual funds, options ...

83. global ~
84. International Commodities Clearing House
85. World Federation of Exchanges ...

Bollinger ~: The Bollinger ~ is pretty self-explanatory. When the bands ~ together, it usually means that a breakout is getting ready to happen. If the candles start to break out above the top band, then the move will usually continue to go up.

Bollinger ~
A strategy that is used to catch breakouts early.
When the Bollinger bands "~", it means that the market is very quiet, and a breakout is eminent. Once a breakout occurs, we enter a trade on whatever side the price makes its breakout.
MACD ...

Before 2006, ~s were common in the Repo market. In fact, in many trader’s eyes, the sole purpose of the Repo market was for ~s.

Holiday Short ~ & Oil Trade Idea Typically, the week before Christmas, stocks and commodities drift higher due to the lack of participants. Light volume favors higher prices, which is why stocks want to rise going into the holiday season. The big money players, like ...

What's a short ~?
This happens with a stock that has heavy short interest. Let's say that a lot of traders are short a particular stock. If the stock begins to rise rapidly, then short sellers will get nervous and want to buy (cover).

Learn How to ~ the Most from Your Investments
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The Consumer ~
And this note from Van Hoisington and Lacy Hunt of Hoisington Asset Management, one of the premier bond management firms in America. If you invest in bonds, you think a lot about inflation. Here are their thoughts: ...

This further ~s those with jobs, as rentier skimming transfers more of their dwindling earned income to cartels. Since the State acts as the bagman for cartels, rising taxes are simply another form of rentier skimming.

The first two strategies exploit a market price action called a 'short ~' I'll show you how to trade Long when most traders are wrong about the market going down further. Be on the right side and profit big. These 'short ~' patterns have huge potential.

Technical analysts consider a short position that is twice the average daily trading volume to be a very bullish sign, and a good possibility for a short ~, which results when short sellers buy to cover their position, raising the stock price, which, in turn, ...

1.Bollinger band ~
2.Bolinger band continuation
3.Bollinger band reversal
What makes Bollinger band trading even more unique are the advanced concepts that accompany these signals that form.

Bollinger Bands ~:
The tighter Bollinger bands become, the less volatile the market. However, because these bands do not remain tight forever, they indicate an opportunity that can be seized if you can predict when they are going to open up again.

With the Bollinger ~ the bands start to ~ together which usually means that a breakout is getting ready to happen. On a graph, when the candles start to break out above the top band, then the move will usually continue to go up.

This can be crucial in the case of physical products, transportation bottlenecks can make it easier for the longs to ~ the shorts. In April, 1996, the CBOT tried to eliminate Toledo, Ohio as a delivery point.

It will probably be ~d between those levels for a few days. Continue to hold as long as it stays above the T-line. 10/18 It's getting very close to testing the 200 day moving average. Let's see what it does when it gets there. We might take some off as profits.

The majority of popular stocks in obvious declines, like the homebuilders these days, carry high short interest and attract endless ~s that lift price just a few cents beyond your emotional tolerance.

that fifteen persons were ~d to death at the doors of the bank.
The people were so indignant that they took three of the bodies on
stretchers before them, and proceeded, to the number of seven or eight
thousand, to the gardens of the Palais Royal, that they might show the ...

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profit ~ (investment & finance)
profit taking (investment & finance)
profitability ratio (investment & finance)
program trading (investment & finance)
progressive tax (investment & finance)
Project A (investment & finance)
project finance (investment & finance) ...

In the fall of 2008, a credit ~ grew into Wall Street's biggest crisis since the Great Depression. Hundreds of billions in mortgage-related investments went south, and investment banks that once ruled high finance crumbled or reinvented themselves as commercial banks.

Short ~: This is a price action where a stock makes an extreme and extended high volume price movement with very little exhaustion. Short ~s usually tend to trigger at overbought areas as shorts get ~d and forced to cover (buy) to cut losses.

The conventional wisdom is that a short ~ can be orchestrated by moving stock held in a margin account into a cash account, or asking for shares to be issued. One Briefing.

As we know from using Bollinger Bands, a ~ where the bands converge into a narrow neck often precedes a rapid rise in volatility. A Bollinger Band ~ is highlighted by a fall in the Band Width indicator to below 2.0%.

Using this recent downtrend, the amateur’s system will be seen as a failure unless in some way he ~d all 650 pips out of the market. It won’t happen consistently and a repeatable system that promises full trend capture doesn’t exist.

The higher the ratio, the longer they would have to buy -- a phenomenon known as a "short ~" -- and that can actually buoy a stock. Some people bet on a short ~, which is just as risky as shorting the stock in the first place.

Short ~ - a rapid price increase which forces short sellers to buy to cover their position. They can be physically forced to buy due to margin calls or "forced" to buy to limit their losses.
Cover (buy to cover) - buying the security that was short ...

When Stock Short Sellers get the ~
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The Bollinger Bandwidth can be used to identify "the ~" - when the Bandwidth is at its lowest low value within n-periods. Bollinger states that ~ could occur before a trend reversal, like "the calm before the storm".

MACD, Options, Short ~s -- Strategies for Advanced Investors
MACD, straddles, short ~s -- these are all tools that advanced traders should be implementing.

You see, struggling traders who exit emotionally tend to think they are going to somehow ~ every last pip out of a move and this causes them to have difficulty closing a trade that has moved into a nice profit.

Heinz aren't likely to feel too bad of a ~ compared to the broader markets because a man or woman is very unlikely to give up his afternoon Coke or switch to an off brand chocolate bar because he suffered a pay cut or temporary job loss.

Even the strongest trends have pullbacks and traders use these counter-trend moves to ~ an extra profit.

Covering your short position at a loss can get ugly during a short ~. A ~ occurs when a stock that has been shorted by many investors rises. More and more short-sellers must buy shares to cover their short positions, putting greater upward pressure on the stock price.

NOTE: It is always best to take some good profit early rather than try to ~ every drop of profit out and run the risk of your stock pulling back and killing your investment.

4. Take a fresh cucumber and grate it. Now ~ these gratings and collect its juice in a cup. Take couple of cotton balls and soak them in this cucumber juice. Apply these cotton balls on the eyes. It will give a soothing effect to the eyes and will help in treating this problem.

As the bands ~ a share price, the price range grows very narrow. Some trading systems identify that this is a prime time for the price to breakout of this range. Usually a large price gap is the result. The difficulty is to know the direction of the price breakout.

BandWidth has many uses. Its most popular use is to indentify "The ~", but is also useful in identifying trend changes...
Bollinger Bands can be used on most financial time series, including equities, indices, foreign exchange, commodities, futures, options and bonds.

10 dividend stocks to ride out the bond ~
With bond valuations getting ~d as the Federal Reserve keeps rates near zero...
The 5 biggest lies on Wall Street ...

In the blue highlighted area you can see that the bands are ~d together and that the price is not very volatile. However, when the price becomes volatile, shown in the green highlighted area, and starts rising, the bands become further apart.

Bollinger Bands Indicator Bulge and ~ Technical Analysis
Bollinger Bands Price Action in Trending Forex Markets
Bollinger Bands Price Action in Ranging Forex Markets ...

Elliott Wave TutorialLearn How to ~ the Most from Your Investments.
Market Watch Fibonacci Tutorial
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Japanese Candlestick Patterns - Short Belt Hold
Japanese Candlestick Patterns - Long Day
Japanese Candlestick Patterns - Long Marubozu
Long ~ - Definition of a Long ~
Japanese Candlestick Patterns - Bearish Meeting Lines ...

On the other hand, many Investors and Traders pay close attention to high short interest stocks with the goal of catching a short ~.

This is the only type of short sale that can be ~d when the share price moves up because the short seller must add money to their margin account.

And from Adam's Daily Options Report as well on "Short Options ~".
Also, the review on the recent sector performance by Bill from Vix & More.
Have a good weekend ahead! ...

Heavily Shorted Stocks that Could ~ Hard if the Market
Turns Around July 29, 2011 PSW ...

The Holt Credit ~ in 1961, also known as the 'Holt Jolt', brought the shares tumbling down, and I knew I had to find out what it was all about. I enrolled at the Stocks & Shares Class at the Mosman Evening College which set me on a career path for the next fifty years.

Some of tools may try to accomplish the same thing, for example the Bollinger Band ~ and the ADX both have the goal of identifying trending vs. consolidating periods. Other tools may be more complementary, such as the noise filter which attempts to directly measure choppy price action.

A company's net profit margin is a profitability ratio calculated by dividing net income by total sales. This ratio indicates how much profit the company is able to ~ out of each dollar of sales. For example, a net profit margin of 30%, indicates that $0.30 of every $1.

Investors who use this metric are looking for companies with a competitive advantage, that are able to ~ the most profits from their assets.

New research from BlackRock has branded nine million 45-54 year olds a 'lost generation' when it comes to retirement as it is revealed this age bracket is the most financially ~d in the country.
Women's pension saving reaches 'all-time low'
by Mark King ...

Look for a tall black candle with a long lower shadow to appear in a downward price trend. The second day should be similar to the first day, but smaller and with a higher low. The last day is a black marubozu that ~s inside the high-low range of the prior day. Good luck finding one.

(1) A market situation in which shorts attempting to cover their positions are unable to find an adequate supply of contracts provided by longs willing to liquidate or by new sellers willing to enter the market, except at sharply higher prices (see ~, Corner); (2) in technical analysis, ...

They tend to do well when interest rates rise, but their margins are ~d when short-term interest rates decline.
Banks whose liabilities reprice more quickly than their assets are liability sensitive.

If your position slips to that level, it is subject to a margin call where you must come up with the cash or liquidate your position.
Short ~ phenomena can take place if the stock actually begins to increase rapidly while short sellers all try to cover their positions.

Low volatility suggest a very little interest in the price, but at the same time it reminds that the market is resting before a new large move. Low volatility periods are used to set up the breakout trades. For example, when the bands of the Bollinger bands indicator ~ tight, ...

See also: See also: What is the meaning of Market, Trading, Stock, Short, Long?

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