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Squeeze Alert Definition
The squeeze alert pattern can occur in both bull and bear markets.

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Squeeze out or freeze-out is a term referring to the compulsory acquisition of the stakes of a small group of shareholders from a joint-stock company by means of cash compensation.[1] ...

Period when stocks or commodities futures increase in price and investors who have sold short must cover their short positions to prevent loss of large amounts of money. ...

Short Squeeze Charting Example
The below chart example is from the stock Lehman Brothers from the spring of '08.

The pressure on short sellers to cover their positions as a result of sharp price increases.
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Short Squeeze
A sharp move up in stock price forcing short sellers to liquidate their positions.
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When stock prices rise to a point that forces sellers to liquidate.
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Short Squeeze
It is a situation in which the price of the stock rises, and the investors who short the stock rushes to buy it, to cover their position or losses.
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This is a three-day bullish reversal pattern. It was developed because of the frequent event where prices can break to the upside following this pattern, especially if the pattern is preceded by a strong downside move.

AAPL - Swing Trading Signals - Catch the Short Squeeze
AAPL is our latest swing trading signal and it is based on catching a short squeeze according to the rules of the Rubber Band Swing Trading Strategy. The set-up is for the 60-min chart.

- Action by a central bank to reduce supply in order to increase the price of money.
Stable market - An active market which can absorb large sale or purchases of currency without major moves.

Squeeze: A market situation in which the lack of supplies tends to force shorts to cover their positions by offset at higher prices. Also see Congestion, Corner.
SRO: See Self-Regulatory Organization.

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The Squeeze: The squeeze (tightening) is a period of low volatility and often happens before a big move. It can also help identify potential breakout areas.

Too many open short positions on a stock can also be a very bullish sign.

Short Squeeze
A situation in which a lack of supply and an excess demand for a traded stock forces the price upward.
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Occurs when the price of a security rises sharply, causing many short sellers to buy the security to cover their positions and limit losses.

A price point where short sales are stopped out (usually 1-2 points above a resistance level or previous high) setting in motion a series of automatic buys and potentially a strong price move upward.

Short - This is an upward price of stocks caused y lack of supply and over demand of stocks in the market.
Specialist- This is a person who tries to narrow the gap that may be experienced when the market maker is not available.

Short Squeeze: A situation in which traders who have sold short are forced to buy to cover their short positions.

Short - A situation in which a lack of supplies tends to force those who have sold to cover their positions by offsetting them in the futures market rather than by delivery.

Short Squeeze - a short squeeze results from a sudden demand (i.e. buying) in a stock which has a large amount of shares outstanding on the short side.

Transfer of the shares held by minority stockholders in a stock corporation to the majority stockholder in return for a compensation payment. In Germany, a majority stockholder with an interest of 95 percent can request a -out.

The squeeze setup using Bollinger Bands is a great example of a break-out trade setup. It uses Bollinger Bands to find low volatility periods to avoid false breakouts.
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The can also be applied to weekly charts or longer timeframes. Volatility and BandWidth are typically higher on the weekly timeframe than a daily timeframe.

Bear Squeeze
A Bear Squeeze refers to market activity which shows a sharp upward jolt in price action despite a large number of sell positions in a given area.
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Any official action in the market or through regulations which makes it costly or difficult for bears to stay short of a suspect currency.
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A squeeze does not have to last for a week, a month, or any other set period to mean a squeeze has taken place. If the two bands narrow their separation for even a day, that is a squeeze. Why?

SHORT - A situation in which futures traders are unable to buy the cash commodity to deliver against their positions, and so are forced to buy offsetting futures at prices much higher than they'd ordinarily be willing to pay.

Short squeeze: A "short squeeze" occurs when the price of a security begins to rise rapidly and short sellers of that stock attempt to buy shares to cover their positions.

A short occurs when the market drives higher and short sellers exit their positions in large numbers. This adds extra buying pressure to the share price because the short sellers are rushing to cover their positions.

Use the Squeeze as a set up
Then go with an expansion in volatility
Beware the head fake
Use volume indicators for direction clues
Adjust the parameters to suit yourself ...

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