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Dry sparkling wine
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Browning (see also Maderized, Oxidized, Rim)

Brut Champagne
Regular brut Champagne and sparkling wine is made from a blend of Pinot Noir grapes and Chardonnay grapes that are fermented using the méthode champenoise.

: dry sparkling wine.
Cantina: winery or wine cellar.
Cantine sociale or cantine coopertiva: wine cooperative; wineries owned by group members.

Brut (brute)
the driest style of Champagne
Bual (boo-ahl)
grape used to make sweet Madeira ...

A term designating a sparkling wine or Champagne that is bone-DRY to the taste.
A quality of finesse and Balance, without heaviness or coarseness. See Elegant ...

Brut-Term for dry Champagne or sparkling wine.
Buttery-Descriptor for rich flavor and smoothness of texture, somewhat akin to the oiliness and flavor of butter.

: It means dry in Champagne.
Canopy: The foliage of a grape vine
Carbonated: Wines infused with carbon dioxide to make them bubbly.

Dry Champagne or sparkling wine.
Rich aromas and flavors reminiscent of butter. Usually refers to oak-aged white wines such as Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc.

- dry (most popular style and very food-friendly)
Extra dry - middle of the road dry, not as dry as (great as an aperitif)
Demi-sec - pretty sweet (pair with fruit and dessert) ...

Brut is a type of Champagne that's very dry - drier than extra dry.
Burgundy is another area of France world famous for it's wine-growing.

: A French term ("very dry") used to describe the driest champagnes, ciders, or sparkling wines " with less than 15 grams of sugar content per liter.
nature: Totally dry, i.e.: 0 grams of sugar content per liter. (see Extra ) ...

Almost-dry Champagne.
Butter-like flavor in wine created by malolactic fermentation (a secondary fermentation) caused by the presence of diacetyl.

Cabernet Franc ...

: Dry, usually applied to Champagne and other sparkling wines; indicates less than 1.5 percent residual sugar by volume in Champagne and means greater dryness then the term "extra dry".

Brut—French for "dry". A style of sparkling wine that has little, or no, residual sugar.
Bud Break—The time in early spring when new shoots emerge from the buds on a vine.

A dry sparkling wine that leaves a full, cream-like impression on the palate.
de ...

Brut -A French term for a very dry champagne or sparkling wine. Drier than extra dry.
Bung -A stopper used to seal a bottle or barrel. Commonly used term for corks.

A French word used to describe a dry wine (usually Champagne or other sparkling wine). Other terms used to describe Champagne (with more sugar than types) include sec (which still means dry) and demi-sec.
See Airlock.

A term applied to the driest Champagne and other Sparkling Wines. Brut wines are drier (contain less residual sugar) than those labeled "extra dry." Extra Brut denotes a wine that's extremely dry, sometimes totally dry.

: what Joe Namath used to push; also, the term for the driest type of sparkling wine, normalIy, in a company's line. It connotes a very, very dry wine.

Generally used by sparkling wine producers to describe their driest wine.
Used to describe the smell or flavor of melted butter, usually related to toasty oak. It can also be a reference to a smooth texture.

: A general term used to designate a relatively dry-finished Champagne or sparkling wine, often the driest wine made by the producer.

Brut - Normally reserved for sparkling wine, it literally means "raw" or "bone-dry". It is a French term designating driest (least sweet) grade of Champagne or sparkling wine.
Bung - The wooden or silicone rubber stopper in a wine cask.

. French for 'Dry'.
Buttery. Indicates the smell of melted butter or toasty oak. Also a reference to texture, as in "a rich, buttery Chardonnay." ...

French for ‘Dry'.
Brunello is an offshoot of the Sangiovese grape. It is notable because it is the only grape permitted for Brunello di Montalcino, a rare, expensive, fruity and bold Tuscan red wine.

: This refers to the driest type of champagne or other sparkling wines. (very dry sparkling wine
Buttery: Describes a desirable aroma detectable in quality wines, especially if they have been made using the malolactic fermentation method.

Brut: French term referring to the driest (least sweet) Champagne. Drier than "extra dry."
Bud: Small swelling on a shoot or cane from which a new shoot develops.
Bud break: The action of buds swelling and beginning new growth in spring.

: Refers to dry Champagne or Sparkling Wine. The authorities in the Champagne region of France use this term to denote added sugar.
Cava: The name for Sparkling Wine (similar to Champagne) from Spain.

Brut (Fr.) Label term used mainly for Champagne and other sparkling wines to indicate 'very dry'.
Bush vine Vine grown as a low bush, without a supporting trellis.
Butt Barrel used for ageing Sherry, of 500-650 litre capacity.

: A general term used to designate a relatively dry-finished Champagne or sparkling wine, often the driest wine made by the producer.

A dry champagne or sparkling wine is said to be brut.
Burgundy Bonnes-Mares
Bonnes-Mare wines come from Morey-Saint-Denis and Chambolle-Musigny of France's Burgundy region.

French word meaning 'bone dry' in *Champagne. Not really used for other wines.

Brut: French for "dry." A classification term usually applied to sparkling wines.
Corked: A tasting term describing wines with cork taint (a broad term referring to undesirable smells or tastes found in a bottle of wine).

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