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A Spanish term that describes the aging a wine received. The exact rules are defined by each DO. If a DO has no specific rules, a crianza wine must age a minimum of 2 years either in a tank, an oak barrel, or a bottle. Many DOs specify that 1 of the 2 years be in oak barrels.

Crianza Generically this is used to describe any wine that has been aged. Vino de Crianza is the term for a Quality Wine that has been subject to a specific ageing period in wood or in bottle.

Crianza: A Spanish term for a red wine that has been aged in oak barrels for at least one year.
Crisp: The acidity gives the wine a clean feel in your mouth. Often crisp wines are light in body.

Crianza (Sp.) Aged. Normally a DO wine must fulfil certain minimum ageing requirements (in barrel and or bottle) before it can be so described.
Crisp Tasting term used to describe a wine with a lively, refreshing acidity.

crianza (1)
Crianza (2)
(1) Proceso de envejecer vinos en barricas de roble y en la botella.
(2) Categoría. Véase la sección Períodos de Crianza.

Spanish quality classification which requires the producers to age their red wines for two years and white wines for six months.
Wines that posses the characteristic of elevated acidity, refreshing, bright, brisk and nice finish.

Spanish term for wine aged for at least two years after the harvest (including at least six months in barrel).

Their ~ Rojo is always a no-nonsense great value and widely available.
Marqués de Murrieta
One of the oldest and best bodegas in Rioja.

Finca Antigua, ~ 2001, Familia Martinez Bujanda DOC La Mancha 60%Temp, 20% Cabernet, 20% Merlot Rich ruby red color with light haze. Ripe raspberry, current, light spice, light vanilla, and a faint mineral followed by wood quality. Overall the nose has a very an intense richness.

~ - When referred to reds, it is a wine which is aged for two years and at least one of these in cask. When referred to white or rose wines, it means an aging in cask for at least six months. The term ~ is usually regulated by every DO and they usually set aging practices.

~ Reds require 2 years, with 6 months in oak. Traditionally producers use American oak which are much stronger than other types of oak (such as French oak)
Reserva Reds are aged 3 years with 1 year in oak.

The modern style of Rioja rejects the ~ system, arguing that the winemaker rather than the government should decide when a wine is ready for market. These wines are labeled simply as Rioja, which officially indicates the most basic wine of the region, less than ~.

The Spanish term for oak aging. The terms "con ~" or "vino de ~" on the label require that the wine has been aged for at least one year in oak. Similarly "sin ~" means that the wine was never aged in oak before bottling.
Criots-Batard-Montrachet (cree-oh bah-tar mon-rah-shay) ...

VALUE: Campos Reales Gladium ~ 2006 ($11) Medium-bodied Spanish red wine with up-front raspberry
Vega Escal Priorat 2005 ($19) Smooth with a gentle spiciness of cedar, mineral, plum, and black cherry (pictured)
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Corrál bucked the trend in this dismal year, turning out 6% of Gran Reserva wine and Salceda made some good ~, though nothing above, but generally it was a poor year and the wines are likely to be dead. Gran Reserva averaged 1%.
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In Spain, red wines designated as reserva have received a minimum of three years ageing prior to release, of which at least one must be in oak. Related terms include Gran Reserva and ~.

In addition to the quality classifications, both DO and DOCa wines distinguish the amount of aging each wine receives before release: Joven, a young wine with little or no barrel aging and ~, aged for a minimum of two years, at least six months to one year must be in barrel and one in bottle.

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