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Cru Classe

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Cru Classe (crew- clah-say)
French for "classified growth." Those wines of Bordeaux that have been ranked, from 1st to 5th growth. The first classification took place in 1855 and a few modifications have been made over the years.

Today we review a Bordeaux from Saint-Emilion, and it's "only" a Grand Cru, as opposed to a Grand Cru Classe.

Cru Classe Grande Reserve / Clairette, rolle, ugni blanc 2011Pale gold color. This was a very fun wine, honey and peach appeared on the nose. I found Pleasant aromatic palate with notes of honey again a long lasting and sweet finale of white peach. We eat it with Baby... Read More ...

Optimal Drinking Window: 10+ years for Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe (top quality French Bordeaux). 2-6 years for less complex ones.
Recommended Regions: Bordeaux (France). Napa, Sonoma (US). Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley (Australia).
2. Merlot -- The Cab Without the Pain ...

class growth see cru classe'.
closed term describing underdeveloped and young wines whose flavors are not exhibiting well.
complex a wine exhibiting numerous odors, nuances, and flavors.

Should all else fail
All is not lost. A grand cru classe makes a great wine vinegar or a superb base for salad dressing.
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Noteworthy exceptions are Saint Emilion's two highest-classified estates (Premier Grand Cru Classe "A"): the famous Chateau Cheval Blanc in which Cabernet Franc is the lead varietal, composing approximately two-thirds of the blend, ...

Cru: French word for growth. It refers to a vineyard of especially high quality, such as a classified growth or "cru classe."
Crush tank: Wine tank which receives the newly crushed must - pumped directly from the crusher.

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