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Dry extract

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Extract - Dry Extract
A scientific term often used in wine tasting. It literally refers to what would be left in a centerfuge once you have removed the liquid.

Balance : Indicates the proportion between these four components : alcohol, acidity, sugar and dry extract. A wine is well-balanced when none of those characteristics dominates; the balance is harmonious. The general balance means the proportion of smooth and harsh in the wine.

In the mouth this is kind of dense and chewy with a nice hit of dry extract on the palate. Powerfully rich yet well delineated, this offers up layered intensely mineral apple flavors with a late arriving touch of bitter melon. The moderately long finish on the other hand is totally salty ...

Indicates a lot of flavor, especially when the wine would indeed be shown in a laboratory to have a greater amount of dry extract (big, heavy or intense).
A wine that is gushing with fruit and intensely vigorous.

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