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Defining Full Bodied Red Wines
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Full bodied. A descriptive term for a wine which is relatively weighty on the palate. Full-bodied wines are also generally fairly high in alcohol.

Full / Full bodied Body and weight on the palate.
Fruity Attractive aroma, derived from good ripe grapes.
Gamey Overripe flavour.

Full Bodied wine, pepper and dirt nose with strong alcohol aroma. Great with food. Can def taste tannins in the powerful Argentina wine.
Benmarco (Pedro Marchevsky) ...

Chewy - Full bodied, you could almost eat/chew it.
Clarify - Refers to the wine-making operation which removes lees - dead yeast cells and fragments of grape skins, stems, seeds and pulp - from grape juice or new wine.
Classic - Typical of grape variety or region.

OLOROSO: Sweet full bodied dark sherry.
ORIGINAL GRAVITY (O. G.): See Specific Gravity. The Specific Gravity of a wine must or beer wort before fermentation.

Devotees of rich full bodied Australian Shiraz wines from the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Rutherglen well appreciate it. Ah … , that rich sweet coconuty, vanillin character that melds wonderfully with the equally generous and supple sweet berry fruit flavours of Shiraz.

Amplio (big) A full bodied, powerful wine with complex nuances and well defined components.
Andana A group of wine casks stacked on top of each other, usually to a height of five tiers.

The wine of this region is typically dry and full bodied with a deep purplish-red coloring. The Grasparossa clone produces the most tannic Lambrusco.
Lambrusco Montovano - The only Lambrusco region outside of Emilia-Romagna, in the Lombardy region.

Big - Used to describe full bodied wines that fill and coat the palate.
Balanced - A wine that strikes a balance between acidity, tannic structure and fruit flavors.
Bouquet - The overall smell a wine gives off after being poured into the glass.

Southern Australia is mainly famous for its full bodied red wines produced with Shiraz grapes, moreover the production of white wines made of Chardonnay, Riesling and Sémillon grapes is interesting as well.

They are full bodied, fat and lush. Even the best Mâcon Blanc Villages will still improve. Save the Pouilly-Fuissés for another 12 months. CÔTE CHALONNAISE A very fine year. Chalonnaise wines always have good acidities. This balances the 2002 fullness and richness. Drink from 2006.

A wine may be described as light, medium, or full bodied. Its body is usually related to its alcohol level but is independent of its strength of flavor.
Bordeaux Mixture
A blue-green fungicide made from copper sulfate and slaked lime, widely used in Europe to prevent mildew.

It possesses a deep golden (or perhaps, more accurately, coppery) colour, a heady aromatic perfume and is also probably makes the weightiest and most full bodied white wine (the competition for this title comes from another Alsace stalwart the Tokay Pinot Gris).

A full bodied wine will have good concentration, lots of alcohol and plenty of *extract; a light bodied wine won't.

Serving a light bodied wine before a full bodied wine allows us to fully enjoy the delicacy of the first wine as well as the complexity of the second wine. Serving it in reverse order would strip the enjoyment out of the first wine, as our palate "under influence" would find it rather weak.

Styles: Traditional, Strong and tannic when young, velvety and rich with age, medium to full bodied. Barolo is always powerful, with highly intense, concentrated dark fruits and rich tannins.

Fat. wines that are rich and full bodied are sometimes described as fat.
Fermentation. A naturally-occurring process by which the action of yeasts converts sugar in grape juice into alcohol, and the juice becomes wine. Carbon dioxide is produced as a by-product.

A tasting term. A wine with plenty of flavour, alcohol, extract and tannin may be described as full bodied. It is a less specific term than texture.
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Producer of the finest dry whites, full bodied, richly flavoured and capable of great complexity. Can be fresh and minerally, nutty and mellow, or lively and tropical.

A wine that are full bodied, concentrated and chewy. Attributes of wines such as Syrah and Nebbiolo.
Describing wine with stale, moldy or mildewy smell.

Body : It is the global impression of a wine. Wines are lightly bodied, medium bodied, full bodied depending on its thickness. Visit " ".
Bouquet : Includes all the different smells of a wine. is more for young wines while bouquet applies to matured wines.

The description "full bodied" is frequently applied to wines that are high in either alcohol or tannin or in both, without the actual texture and weight of the wine being "full" at all. Body should be thought of as the relative "thickness" or viscosity of the wine.

Chianti: (kee-AHN-tee) Medium to full bodied red table wine of Tuscany in Italy. Chiantis are blends, but the primary grape variety used is Sangiovese.

Berrylike: Literally like berries in aroma or flavor, such as strawberries of blackberries. It's most often used to describe full bodied red wines like Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Blanc: French for the word white, used as a suffix for white varieties like Sauvignon Blanc.

A term implying full bodied, juicy, rich. The opposite of lean.

body a tactile sensation and term describing the weight and fullness of wine in the mouth. A wine can be light, medium, or full bodied.
Bordeaux the area in Southwest France considered by some as the greatest wine-producing region in the world.

Aroma, flavor, and texture: Like a big boysenberry pie with ­vanilla ice creamâ€-full bodied, mouth filling, and flannel soft
Cost: $12 to $30
Try it with: Meat loaf, barbecued ribs, burgers, bean-and-vegetable casseroles, or pot roast.

Pasta with Pesto: Savennières or unoaked Chardonnay
The rich flavours in pesto are a great match for full bodied Savennières or unoaked Chardonnay.

Alcohol by itself does not really have a taste, but a wine with a higher level of alcohol often "feels" hotter in your mouth, and is more full bodied. A wine with a lower level of alcohol feels lighter.

Oily : A generally full bodied wine with a viscous mouthfeel. If the wine is lacking acidity, this term maybe used in conjunction with flabby.
Old : A wine which has been aged too long. Often, the fruit vanishes, leaving behind overly thin, earthy and oxidized wine.

The viscosity or fullness of a wine. A wine with plenty of flavour, alcohol, extract and tannin may be described as full bodied.

Opposite of full bodied.
Describes a wine's structure, concentration and body, as in a tightly wound wine. Closed or compact are similar terms.

Descriptor for wines that assert themselves with a full bodied delivery and offer bold, powerful, rich flavors.
Sulfites / Sulfur ...

Note the wine's viscosity (how slowly it runs back down the side of the glass) while you're swirling. More viscous wines are said to have "legs," and are likely to be more alcoholic. Outside of looking pretty, this has no relation to a wine's quality but may indicate a more full bodied wine.
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Early flowering vine grown in Hungary that generally ripens in mid-season to give a medium to large, dense cluster of greenish/yellow berries. Susceptible to grey rot and frost. Mainly used to make full bodied white wines drunk young as spritzers. No other details as yet.

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