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garrigue: In the southern Rhõne Valley and Provence, this is the landscape of small slopes and plateaus. This Provençal word applies to these windswept hilltops/slopes inhabited by scrub-brush and Provençal herb outcroppings.

The aromas of rosemary, lemon verbena, lavender and marjoram that perfume the air of southern France, especially in the Midi region.

The light-coloured GRENACHE is a quintessentially Mediterranean red variety and as a result it often mingles the classic Mediterranean garrigue scents of thyme, fennel and rosemary with white pepper and its warming, raspberryish fruit flavours.

A single vineyard Carignan from 80 plus years old vines. Bright, black spice, little garrigue, pressed flowers, fine astringent red fruit, sweet fruity, a touch inky, spicy fennel seeds and turmeric on the nose, cocoa beans, bit of wood, ...

Specific herbal type, sometimes found in Provence and Languedoc reds. See also "garrigues."
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Wine  Garrafeira  Gassy

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