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Grenache Gris

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GRENACHE GRIS: Thought to be a mutated version of Grenache. Used to produce undistinguished white wines in southern France. Has premier synonym name Garnacha Rosa in Spain. Also known as Grey Grenache. Is one of the parent varieties used to create the cross named Symphony mainly grown in California.

A blend of Grenache Gris, Mourvedre and Syrah from a site close to the border of Chateauneuf du Pape. Clear medium+ to intense crimson ruby colour. Clean, developed nose of rose potpourri, strawberry and blackberry perfume.

It is a crossing of two French grapes, Muscat of Alexandria, a white grape of intensely aromatic, 'grapey' character, and Grenache Gris, a red grape with bold fruity aromas and zesty acidity.

White-wine producing grape-cross derived from Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris created in 1948 by a Univ. Davis viticulturist. The wine has an unusual resistance to oxidation, maintaining its light color, delicate Muscat flavor and bouquet for ten or more years.

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