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Grey Riesling

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Grey Riesling
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(aka Trousseau Gris. See below).
Commonly grown grape in the Piedmont region of Italy. Makes light red color wine with very fruity aroma.

GREY RIESLING: (a.k.a Chauché Gris. See above).
GRECHETTO: Has synonym name Greghetto. Reported to be somewhat susceptible to Downy Mildew disease. Widely grown in Umbria and elsewhere in central Italy.

Sometimes referred to as White, Rhine, or 1Johannisberg, the Riesling name has been tarnished by the attachment of its name to other white varietals (Grey Riesling--aka Chaucé Gris--, Walschriesling--aka Italian Riesling--, and Missouri Riesling) that are of far lesser quality and genetically ...

Mutation of the Trousseau vinifera grape grown in France. Currently known in California as Grey Riesling and mainly used in a white wine blend that also contains some Chenin Blanc and Sylvaner varietals.

Also known as, Gray Riesling, ~, Chauche Gris.
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White grape variety. French. Synonyms include ~ (California, New Zealand).
Abbreviation for Total Sugar content, expressed as grams per litre.

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