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Rather big, cooked sweetish red wines
The way a good wine's flavors continue to evolve in the mouth even after swallowing ...

Jammy: A wine that has a great intensity of fruit with the berry aroma or flavors of jam. Many types of red wine such as Zinfandel can be considered jammy.
Late-Harvest Wine: A sweet wine produced from grapes harvested after maturity on the vine.

Jammy the fruit flavors in the wine taste like jam Ripe the wine is produced with very ripe grapes Juicy used to describe young wines ...

Jammy - One of the wine tasting terms that describes a very ripe wine, often fairly low in acid, so that its fruit flavors and feel resemble jam.
Musty - A damp, moldy aroma, often associated with TCA (a corked wine) but can also be present in some wines which are not corked.

jammy: When wines have a great intensity of fruit from excellent ripeness they can be jammy, which is a very concentrated, flavorful wine with superb extract. In great vintages such as 1961, 1978, 1985, 1989, 1990, and 1995, some of the wines are so concentrated that they are said to be jammy.

~: So fruity that it's reminiscent of jam or jelly. Often applied to big Zinfandels.
Juicy: Forward, approachable fruit, not necessarily found in a complex wine, but tasty and pleasing.

~ - A term used to describe a fat and eminently drinkable red wine, rich in fruit. Can sometimes refer to a wine of heavy character that results from over pressing big-ripe fruit. As such wines age, the fruit oxidizes to produce a character reminiscent of port.

~: literally jam-like; used to describe extremely fruity wine most likely made of very ripe grapes.

~: Describes a wine with concentrated overripe character and high alcohol.
lactic acid: A mildly acidic wine acid. Lactic acid is produced when malic acid from grapes is metabolised by lactic acid bacteria. This conversion is known as malolactic fermentation.

A negative tasting term. It's good for wines to be fruity, but ~ wines are those that taste of baked, cooked or stewed fruit, which is unappealing. This usually happens when grapes have been grown in areas which are just too warm for that particular variety.

The natural berrylike taste of the grape.
A large format wine bottle.

A term often encountered in descriptions of California Zinfandel and Merlots. Refers to the natural berrylike taste of this grape.

~, cherries and red fruits, good body, nice finish Read More
Wine review by bobcatpunk ...

Very flavourful, good ripeness, high extract - though can be excessive, even undesirable in certain types of wine.

A big ~ wine - so big it seems to be jumping out of the glass. The aromas are open, with ripe fruit of blackberry, black raspberry, menthol, alcohol, with hints of earth and spice.

Word most often encountered in descriptions of California Zinfandel wines made with Amador County grapes. Refers to the natural berrylike taste of this grape.

~ A wine that is rich in fruit but maybe lacking in tannins.
Lean The sense of acidity in the wine that lacks a perception of fruit.[3]
Leathery A red wine high in tannins, with a thick and soft taste.[10] ...

Heavy, ~, overripe, prune-like flavors often found in wines from very hot growing regions.
Corked, corky
Strong cork odor, frequently due to a faulty cork.

Cabernet- "Intense ~ fruit and ripe currant are accented with a background layer of cherry."
Merlot- "Juicy blueberries and ripe strawberries lure the palate into a meandering river of black fruits, spicy clove and lush plum." ...

When harvested overripe the wines can taste ~ and may have aromas of stewed black currants. Some winemakers choose to harvest their grapes at different ripeness levels in order to incorporate these different elements and potentially add some layer of complexity to the wine.

Personality: Thick and ~, like blackberries simmering
Origin: Croatia, though virtually all of the top zinfandels are now grown in northern California
Aroma, flavor, and texture: Like a big boysenberry pie with ­vanilla ice creamâ€-full bodied, mouth filling, and flannel soft ...

Zinfandel - black fruits (often ~), black spices - often called "briary"
Syrah (aka Shiraz, depending on vineyard location) - black fruits, black spices - especially white and black pepper
Pinot Noir - red fruits, floral, herbs ...

The extreme heat made for some rather coarse, burnt wines (roasted coffee) but the sheer ~ concentration of flavour justified a fully fledged declaration for some Barros, Burmester Krohn, Osborne, ...

The 2006 Swanson "Alexis" Oakville Cab is a knockout Napa Valley Cab, packed with dark cherry fruit and the ripe, ~ flavors of currant and blackberry. Chocolate covered coffee beans, laced with the sweet notes of vanilla do double duty on the dark fruit profile.

This produces more ripe, ~ flavors in the wine and also helps encourage air circulation through the vines. In most years our crops size is reduced by hand thinning the clusters so that the vineyards achieve balance and the resulting wines will show their full Character or Terroir of the land.

Fruit: raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, cranberry, black cherry, (~ can be used with all)
Carbonic Maceration: tutti-frutti, candy, bubblegum
Herbal: briar, licorice, nettle ...

Zinfandel: Deep and red-purple colour. (can be high sugars), Berry-like, ~-intense, spicy characteristic.
White Grape Varieties ...

General term for the overall impression of fruit in a wine; a favorable description for a wine in good balance, stops a bit short of "juicy," "~" and similar terms describing wines in which fruit is dominant.
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Too much sugar results in unbalanced and alcoholic wine ("cooked" or "~"). Higher temperatures also increase the risk of pests and parasites because fewer will die off during the winter.

fruity a tasting term signifying wines that exhibit strong smells and flavors of fresh fruit. Can also describe aromas of cooked fruit, as in "~".
full-bodied a wine high in alcohol and flavors, often described as "big".

Zinfandel has a mouthfilling, thick berryness that is sometimes described as being ~ or chewy. White zinfandel (not a separate grape variety) is made when zinfandel grapes are fermented without their dark purple skins.

Zinfandel is one of the most popular grapes grown in California and is known for its robust tannins, well-rounded aromas and lush flavors. It has a deep red-purple color, along with a berry-like, ~-intense, spicy characteristic.
beef teriyaki, melon, fruit salad, cheese
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In fact, its history is still a mystery, though scientists think that the grape may be related to a Croatian grape. Zinfandel has a mouthfilling, thick berryness that is sometimes described as being ~ or chewy.

Tomatoes, whether acid and unripe or sweet and ~, dominate wine, as do certain herbs, spices and condiments - notably chilli, garlic and vinegar. These are the ingredients in any recipe which should call the shots when it comes to choosing the best wine match.

Every grape variety and style of wine exhibits different fruit. In some wines such as Zinfandel the fruit can be very noticeable (Zin has so much fruit it is often described as ~). Other wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon have less obvious fruit.

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