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Mise en bouteille

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Mise en bouteille (France) ...

Mise en bouteille: Where a wine is bottled, generally indicated on the bottle's label. Examples: Mise en bouteille au Château or Mise en bouteille au Domaine.
Minerally: Having flavors or aromas suggestive of minerals. It may be described as chalk, iron, etc.

Mise en bouteilles (meez ahn boo-tay)
bottled (this phrase on a wine label is followed by the name of a producer or wine shipper)
Montrachet (mon-rah shay)
famous white wine vineyard in Burgundy ...

French term which literally means: put in bottle.
French term meaning estate bottled. It has some legal significance and referring to a wine produced and bottled at the property where the grapes are grown.

Mise en bouteille - (Meez ahn Boo-tay)
Literally, "put in bottle" in French. "Mise en bouteille au Château" has legal significance, meaning "estate bottled," wine made by, and from grapes grown on the property of, the winery.
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bâtiment de ~
Partie de la bodega où le vin est mis en bouteilles.

Wines that are estate-bottled ("~" in French) are bottled at the winery where the grapes were grown and made under the control of the winemaker.

Minty: Desirable aroma in some aged red wines.~ aau domaine: French term for a wine produced and bottled at the property where the grapes are grown.
Mistella: Mixture of wine alcohol and must.

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