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Mise en bouteille (France) ...

Mise en bouteille: Where a wine is bottled, generally indicated on the bottle's label. Examples: Mise en bouteille au Château or Mise en bouteille au Domaine.

Mise en bouteilles (meez ahn boo-tay)
bottled (this phrase on a wine label is followed by the name of a producer or wine shipper)
Montrachet (mon-rah shay)
famous white wine vineyard in Burgundy ...

French term meaning estate bottled. It has some legal significance and referring to a wine produced and bottled at the property where the grapes are grown.

Mise en bouteille - (Meez ahn Boo-tay)
Literally, "put in bottle" in French. "Mise en bouteille au Château" has legal significance, meaning "estate bottled," wine made by, and from grapes grown on the property of, the winery.

bâtiment de mise en bouteille
Partie de la bodega où le vin est mis en bouteilles.

The words "mise en bouteille au château", or simply "mise au château", on a wine label guarantee that the estate that grew the grapes also produced and bottled the wine.

Wines that are estate-bottled ("mise en bouteille" in French) are bottled at the winery where the grapes were grown and made under the control of the winemaker.

Minty: Desirable aroma in some aged red wines.Mise en bouteille aau domaine: French term for a wine produced and bottled at the property where the grapes are grown.
Mistella: Mixture of wine alcohol and must.

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