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Moelleux (France) ...

Moelleux: Sweet, mellow.
Moldy: Wines with the smell of mold or rot, usually from grapes affected by rot or from old moldy casks used for aging.
Mousse: The foam, or head, on the surface of a sparkling wine.

Moelleux (m'wah-luh)
A French term for a wine that is ever so slightly sweet. There is no real English equivalent. The term "threshold" is applied in the US to wines that have measurable residual sugar, but do not taste sweet to most people.
Moldy ...

late picked high residual sugar grapes making sweeter Loire valley Botrytis Cinerea wines
famous white wine vineyard in Burgundy ...

Moelleux (Fr.) Sweet. Much used in the Loire Valley for fully sweet, rich wines.
Mosto (It.) Must.
Mousseux (Fr.) Sparkling. Usually indicates that the wine was made by the Charmat method rather than the methode traditionnelle.

~ (France)
A French term used to describe wines that are medium-sweet to sweet.
Moldy ...

French term which translates as 'mellow', but in the context of wine means sweet or medium sweet. You'll often find this term on bottles from the Loire.

~ (French) : Sweet.
Mousse (French) : The satisfying froth that fizzes in a glass of champagne or sparkling wine as it is poured, savoured and drunk.
Mousseux (french): Sparkling.
Pétillant (French): Slightly sparkling.
Récolte (French) : Crop or vintage.

Medium sweet (~)
Describes sweet wines with less sugar than dessert wines.
Mellow (Fondu)
Describes wine, usually aged, in which the different characteristics have blended together resulting in a harmonious, very well balanced whole.

The best and most famous wines from the region are the Jurancon ~. These are sweet wines, which are made from the small thick grapes that have been left on the vine well into November in order to concentrate natural sugars.

Qualifier generally applying to soft white wines being located between the dry ones and the liqueur-like themselves ones. Also says itself, with tasting, of one at the same time fatty and not very acid wine.

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