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Monopole: In all types of wines a term used to denote that a vineyard is owned by a sole proprietor.
Musty: Wines that taste musty have been produced in faulty wine barrels.
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Monopole (mawn-o-pole)
The French term for a vineyard that has a single owner owner, hence a monopoly on that wine. Primarily used in Burgundy, where it is rare for a vineyard to have only one owner.
Montrachet (mon-rah-shay) ...

monopole: Used to denote a vineyard owned exclusively by one proprietor, the word monopole appears on the label of a wine made from such a vineyard.

Monopole: A label used on some French wines to indicate sole ownership, or monopoly, of the wine's name. Not an official indicator of quality.

This Champagne has nothing to do with Charles Heidsieck, nor Piper-Heidsieck - Heidsieck & Monopole is a completely separate, individual Champagne house, and in fact, has been around since 1785. There's your story: it's not what you think it is . but it could be better.

Amuse-bouche (vegetable ratatouille ravioli, hazelnut-butternut squash cream, lobster en crêpe with vanilla aïoli), with Heidsieck & Co. ~ "Blue Top" Champagne from France.

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