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Pruney Prüfungsnummer (Germany)
Prugnolo Gentile ...

Famous Italian variety loves dry, hard land on which it can be encouraged to turn out some of the most aristocratic of reds. Its character is usually firm but fine, with a soft hearted redness that is delicious, and a lingering austerity.

Alternative name for Sangiovese Grosso grape. (See below).

The Sangiovese Grosso family included the clones growing in the Brunello region as well as the clones known as Prugnolo Gentile and Sangiovese di Lamole that was grown in the Greve in Chianti region.

This wine is mainly produced with the Prugnolo Gentile grape - name with which in Montepulciano is called Sangiovese Grosso - to which is added Canaiolo Nero and, in lesser percentage, Mammolo and Colorino, as well as other grapes permitted by the production disciplinary.

Montalcino is a very hot growing area south of the Chianti region in Italy, with the main grape being a strain of Sangiovese - though down there they may call it Sangiovese Grosso or ~.

Clonal Variants The main variations are Sangiovese Grosso (big grapes) and Sangiovese Piccolo (little grapes). ~ Gentile is a mutation of Sangiovese Grosso that makes the 100% Sangiovese wines of Brunello di Montalcino in Toscana ...

There are many subvarieties of Sangiovese, but these notes deal with Sangiovese Grosso, also known as San Gioveto in Tuscany and in other parts of Italy as ~, Brunello, Calabrese, Uvetta, Montepulciano etc.
History ...

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is the name of a wine that has absolutely no Montepulciano in it (it’s ~ Gentile, the local name for Sangiovese). So why is a grape named for a village so far away from where it’s actually grown? No one knows.

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