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Rivaner is the synonym for Müller-Thurgau that is used particularly in Luxembourg and England.

Alternative name for the Muller-Thurgau grape cross currently widely grown in Luxembourg.

Müller Thurgau (Riesling x Silvaner, Rivaner)
Původ: The variety was created by Professor H. Müller from the Swiss canton Thurgau in 1882. It is mentioned as the cross-bred vine of Rhine Riesling and Green Silvaner.

Rivaner, M-T, Riesling-Sylvaner)
Most New World growers do not yearn for early-ripening varieties like Muller-Thurgau. In fact, they would find the flab in its wine to be a distinct disadvantage.

Synonyms for Müller-Thurgau include Miler Turgau, Müller, Müller-Thurgaurebe, Müllerka, Müllerovo, Muller-Thurgeau, Mullerka, Mullerovo, Riesling-Silvaner, Riesling-Sylvamer, Riesling x Silavaner, Rivaner, Rizanec, Rizlingsilvani, Rizlingszilvani, ...

Known as Rivaner in parts of Europe. Known to be one of the parent varieties from which the Bacchus grape was derived.

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Wine  Rising bread dough  Rkatsiteii

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