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Region: Vintage Champagne
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1971 ...

Vintage Variation Pro-Tips
Since the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere are 6 months apart, it is not uncommon to see a bad vintage in France and a great vintage in Australia.

Vintage Difference
In our port article on this website, we talked about what grapes go into ports, and what types of ports there are (Ruby, Tawny, etc.) Vintage port takes it a step further.

Non Vintage
A "vintage" of a wine is the year in which all of the grapes that made it were harvested. A "non vintage", therefore, is a wine that is made with grapes from many years.

Why Vintage Matters
A Wine's Vintage Offers Key Clues to Consumers
By Stacy Slinkard ...

Vintage port is a blend of the highest quality wines of a single year or vintage from the best vineyards in the Cima Corgo or the upper Corgo River and is bottled after spending two years in wood.

The vintage is expected to show a classic, good structure, nice restraint on the fruit
keep ...

Why does Vintage Matter?

Well, to be honest, for me, it really doesn't. But that's because I don't drink wines that would really benefit from me tracking a vintage. I mean, I could do it, but for me, I really have no reason to.

2002 - A vintage to delight Burgundy lovers - not blockbuster in style but with beautifully balanced, elegant, ripe fruit with excellent vineyard definition. Lesser wines may be drunk soon but the best should be kept.

How to Buy a Vintage Wine for an Occasion
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Similar to-but less-expensive than-Vintage Ports (which must by law be bottled within 2 ½ years of the vintage), LBV's spend an extra 3 or 4 years mellowing in barrel before bottling.

Vintage Port-This is the Emperor of Port and the King of Dessert wines. Vintage Port is wine from a single year, blended and bottled after two to three years of wood-aging.

This can mean different things to different people. The 'vintage' simply refers to the year the grapes were grown.

Vintage Variation
Well, to start with, it makes life exciting for both producers, sometimes dangerously so, as well as consumers.

Vintage: The year in which the grapes were harvested.
Vintner: The winemaker.
Viticultural: Term for science of grape production for wine and the making of wine.

Vintage Port: Made only in declared "great" years, aged in oak for two years, then in bottle for many years to mature slowly. Usually has a good deal of sediment when decanted.

The year the wine is harvested. A wine's vintage will be found on all wine labels.
Vintner ...

The year in which the grapes used to make the wine were harvested.

The year in which a wine's grapes grew and were harvested. The term is often used as a synonym for the grape harvest.
A person who makes or sells wine.

Vintage Wines: Wines that are harvested from a given year.
Vitis Labrusca: Grapes indigenous to North America.
Vitis Vinifera: Grapes indigenous to Europe but used in California wine making.

Vintage Port: Made from the very best grapes of a single year, the wines are aged in wood for just two years, then in the bottle for at least 10. It's bottled unfiltered and should always be decanted prior to enjoyment.

Vintage: A particular year in the wine business; a specific harvest.
Viognier: A fragrant, powerful white grape grown in the Rhõne Valley of France and elsewhere.

This term refers both to the actual grape harvest as well as the year of the harvest. The term is also applied to wines that bear this year of harvest on their labels. Wines that are a blend of years are considered non-vintage wines (or N.

Vintage Notes
2007 was a very atypical year. The quality came from a blistering month of April which accelerated the flowering of the vine. Then the weather during the summer months was quite erratic.

A wine's vintage is the year the grapes were grown.
Viniculture is the science of growing grapes.

Vintage - Grape harvest. If the year of a vintage is listed on a label, it indicates that the wine was made only from grapes harvested in that year.

vintage - can mean either the particular year in which the crop was harvested or the process of harvesting itself
Vitis - the vine genus.

The year a wine was made. By contrast, a nonvintage wine is one made from a blend of different years.

vintage port: A style of port. Vintage ports are effectively fortified full bodied sweet red wines. Vintage ports unlike other fortified wines improve with age and are usually cellared before consumption.
vintner: A wine merchant.

Vintage: The year that the grapes were picked or harvested for the making of wine. Dates are always (or should be) shown on the label. Often in jug or generic wines omit the date and we joke and say "ah yes, that was a very good week for wine" ...

Vintage A high quality wine made from the harvest of a single identified district in a good year.
Vivo (lively) Wine which is brilliant in appearance.
VM See Vino de Mesa.

Vintage - The year in which a particular wine's grapes were harvested. When a vintage year is indicated on a label, it signifies that all the grapes used to make the wine in the bottle were harvested in that year.

The year of the actual grape harvest and the wine made from those grapes. In Australia, wine must contain at least 85% of grapes from the year stated in order to carry a vintage date on the label.
Vintner ...

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Wine  Vinous  Vintage Champagne

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