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(1) Antahkarana Laya Chintana, (2) Pancha Bhuta Laya Chintana and (3) Omkara Laya Chintana. In Antahkarana Laya, you must think that the mind is merged in Buddhi; Buddhi in Avyaktam; and Avyaktam in Brahman.

ANTAHKARANA - general concept for the psychic functions, the inner instruments or internal organs:
1) MANAS - the mind, the inner organ of perception
2) BUDDHI - the understanding, the intellect, ...

The psychological apparatus (the \"inner organ\") of the individual.
Apana ...

Internal instrument such as mind, intellect, ego and the subconscious mind.
Anga ("limb") ...

Antahkarana: The mind.
Antaratma: The inner self, residing in the heart.
Ardha Chandrasana: In Hatha Yoga, the Half-Moon posture.

Manas or "Antahkarana" evolves from the total sum of the sattva aspect of PaƱca Tanmatras or the "Ahamkara" ...

Though the Antahkarana is one, yet it assumes four forms, viz., (i) Manas, (ii) Buddhi, (iii) Chitta and (iv) Ahamkara according to the different functions it performs. Likewise, though Prana is one, it assumes five forms viz.

Feelings are experienced by the antahkarana (the manifest mind), not by the self. In the Yoga Sutras (2:24) it is said that avidya, i.e. false knowledge, is the cause of the self's experience of pleasure and pain.

Antahkarana: The fourfold internal instrument viz., mind, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahamkara.
Antaranga: Internal.
Antarmukha: Inward.
Anusandhana: Enquiry.
Anushthana: Sustained practice.
Anvaya: Qualities.
Anyatha: Separate.

It is the store-house of memory. Samskaras or impressions of actions are imbedded here. It is one of the four parts of Antahkarana or inner instruments, viz., mind, intellect, Chitta and Ahankara or ego.

antahkarana: inner instrument or organ; the fourfold mind: mind, intellect, ego and subconscious mind
arati: waving of light before the Lord
artha: an object of desire, wealth
asana: posture, seat
ashram: hermitage ...

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Yoga  Antah karana  Antar

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