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Chandra nadi

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In its course it conveys lunar energy and so is also called Chandra nadi ( channel of the lunar energy).
Isvara Pranidhana: dedication of one's actions and will to the Supreme Being. One of the Niyamas of Patanjali's Yoga.
Jalandhara Bandha: Chin lock.

Ida is also called Chandra Nadi (moon) and Pingala as Surya Nadi (sun). Ida is cooling and Pingala is heating. Pingala digests the food. Ida is of pale, Sakti Rupa. It is the great nourisher of the world. Pingala is of fiery red, Rudra Rupa.

In Yoga, the left nasal cavity is called "Chandra Nadi" (The moon passage) or "Ida Nadi" and the right nasal cavity is known is "Suryanadi" (The sun passage) or "Pingala Nadi". Inhaling (Puraka) and Exhaling (Rechaka) can be done either through one of these nasal cavities or with both of them.

The breath flow in the right nostril corresponds to pingala or surya nadi, representing the vital force, and the left nostril corresponds to ida or chandra nadi, representing the mental force. The alternate functioning of ida and pingala takes one away from the inner consciousness.

The ida nadi is also regarded as the "chandra nadi" or "moon nadi" because when flow is on the left side, the lunar force is considered to be dominant.

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