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The Consciousness of Children
Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati
Rather than looking at consciousness as belonging to a child or an adult, let us look at the idea of consciousness as yoga believes it to be.

Samadhi : contemplation Super Consciousness
Samadhi : contemplation Super Consciousness ...

Consciousness in its true nature: When the primary elements (gunas) involve, or resolve themselves back into that out of which they emerged, there comes liberation, ...

One of the main features of Yogācāra philosophy is the concept of consciousness-only (cittamātra or vijñapti-mātra).

Consciousness is perpetual. Consciousness is, even in between thoughts! It is there all the time, and is totally unaffected by what you do. No matter where your attention is focused, the consciousness inside is totally unaffected.

Unconsciousness is Dangerous
Periodically we get asked if the practice of Kundalini yoga is dangerous. First, many of the people who advance this opinion are not talking about Kundalini Yoga.

Christ Consciousness - It means to constantly live the wonderful message of Jesus Christ, viz, "Empty thyself and I shall fill thee." The Spirit is not a quantity and it is opposed to all quantitative measurements and conceptions.

Double Consciousness
In Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the Yogi's consciousness merges with the absolute consciousness. There is no bodily fixation.

Krishna-consciousness: the knowing of K r i s h n a or the condition in which one is aware of Him, knows Him, meditates on Him, works for Him, proclaims His glories etc.

Consciousness cannot be externalised because consciousness is indivisible. If you imagine that consciousness is divisible, you have also to imagine that there is a gap between the two parts thereof. Who is conscious of this gap?

Consciousness which comprises mind, intellect
Chitta vritti
Movement of the consciousness ...

Consciousness - the state of being conscious; awareness of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
Dristhi - gazing point
Japa - continuous chanting/repetition of a mantra ...

It refers to I-consciousness. It is subtler than the mind and is the witness of everything.
Moral duty that is in line with universal flow. It is guided by intuition.

The luminous, self-aware, and creative Reality that is the essential Self of all that exists; a name for God, the Absolute, the supreme Truth. See also SELF.

The intelligent, supremely independent, divine Energy, which creates, pervades, and supports the entire universe.

consciousness; unmanifest aspect of consciousness and energy
- ...

Consciousness, Thoughts, Emotions, Perceptions, Memory, Intelligence and Judgment.
The Condition Of Mind
You have already seen that ...

the consciousness which allows growth to take place; the one unchanging reality
discerning discriminating aspect of mind; from the route "bodh" meaning to be aware of, to know; intellect.
Chaitanya ...

Our consciousness canter at the third eye -- the ajna chakra
From foot to crown (sahasrara) as upon earth as in heaven- Mother earth and Father sky
We acknowledge,, honor, respect and sing with you ...

When consciousness desires expression as an organism, it needs tools to control and work with the physical body. This is illustrated by the idea of Shiva and Shakti as a playing couple.

Pure Consciousness,\"One who sleeps in the city of life\" \"That which fills all, that which dwells in the body (puranatvat)\", The cosmic Self.
Desire under the form of attachment.

Cit ("consciousness") - the superconscious ultimate Reality (see tman, brahman)
Citta ("that which is conscious") - ordinary consciousness, the mind, as opposed to cit
D ...

Cosmic consciousness exists as pure energy vibrating in space. Known as Sakti in its diversity, this power becomes maya - usually interpreted as "illusion" - when we forget that the Light is present, ...

Divine Consciousness, which is the essential nature of each human being.

Shakti: ...

As your consciousness continues to move in your third eye, pastel colors begin to appear in your forehead. Sumptuous, glorious pinks, yellows, whites, blues, indigos, greens, and purples take their turn or play in combination in your forehead.

supreme consciousness, absolute reality, God, divinity.
finding fullness of "God consciousness" residing in one's own nature.

acitti unconsciousness; the non-perceiving principle in our consciousness.
acyuta [not-fallen, firm, solid], unperturbed, unmoved.
adbhutah wonderful.

Chitta - Consciousness.
Cossipore - Northwestern suburb of Calcutta where Sri Ramakrishna was moved from Dakshineshwar for the treatment of throat-cancer and where he passed into mahasamadhi on Aug 16, 1886.

ordinary consciousness, the mind, as opposed to cit.
Name of an Upanishad ...

man; pure consciousness
purpose of the consciousness, of man's existence- the four basic needs or desires, arth, kaama, dharma, moksha ...

CHITTA - consciousness, the substratum of thinking, mind-stuff
- CHITTA VRITTI - thought wave
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When the consciousness, poised in perceiving, blends together the name, the object dwelt on and the idea, this is perception with exterior consideration.

What happens to consciousness when it operates with limitations (monkey-mindedness and un-awareness)? It identifies with what it is thinking; meaning if you think you are having a bad day--you are. (verse 4) ...

CHAITANYA: Pure Consciousness.
CHAKRAS: Centres of energy in the human system.
CHANDOGYA: Name of an Upanishad.
CHELA: Disciple.
CHIRANJIVI: One who has gained eternal life.
CHITTA: Subconscious mind.

Brahman is both consciousness and power (shakti). This sakti operates in many ways, including the power or creation. One such power is the veiling power which veils the spiritual truth of the oneness of consciousness.

Complete spiritual consciousness or samadhi.
Despite its philosophical underpinnings, yoga is primarily a pragmatic discipline. It shares some elements with Hinduism but it is not a religion.

Prameya - cognitive consciousness
Prana kundalini - a stage in the experience of the rise of kundalini when one feels a "throbbing joy"
Pranaharan - killing an animal ...

Adwaita : A philosophy according to which there is no duality - only a singular state of consciousness
Agni : Yoga word for fire.
Agnisar Kriya : One of the shatkarmas (cleansing practices) -intestinal cleansing.

Mars Chakra: See Manipura Chakra Meditation: The state of consciousness characterized by mental stillness and inner calm coupled with an intense awareness.

AJNA: the centre of the consciousness meaning "perception" (THIRD EYE CHAKRA)
ANAHATA CHAKRA: the centre of consciousness at the heart "unstruck" (HEART CHAKRA)
ANANDA: joy, bliss ...

Samadhi -- full absorption in God consciousness, a sacred tomb for the body of a saintly person.
Samsara -- the cycle of repeated birth and death in the material world.
Sanatana -- eternal.

One who reached this stage will attain the super-consciousness,the consciousness which include all lesser forms of consciousness.

A 3: Yoga has several branches or divisions, but the goal, the aim of all of them is the same, the achievement of a union with supreme consciousness.

The patient regains consciousness quite quickly and after getting consciousness the patient immediately starts sleeping. This sleep is deep and sound.

This flow is interdependent upon a phase of communion, alignment, integration, and synchronization with the source of intelligence and consciousness itself.

  There are several ways to work on this inner hand consciousness.   Turning the hands slightly outward is one way to help shift some consciousness to the inner hands.

You will discover and know that love, goodness, and creative consciousness are what constitute your being because you will experience these attributes within and as yourself.

Every spiritual tradition employs the art of playing the edge of consciousness; each has its own methods and disciplines.

Kripalu is called the yoga of consciousness. This gentle, introspective practice urges practitioners to hold poses to explore and release emotional and spiritual blockages.

" In this philosophy we take the premise that everything is supreme Consciousness - nothing exists that is not supreme Consciousness.

Knowledge is only for the special few who are prepared for sound examination and clear discernment of the nature of Consciousness.

Once the breath is even, elongate and deepen the breath just slightly, not to the point where it feels forced or strained, but just enough so that there is a consciousness about it.

Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural, effortless procedure whereby the mind easily and naturally arrives at the source of all thought, the settled state of mind - Transcendental Consciousness or Pure Consciousness, ...

The complementary force to Shakti is Shiva: universal consciousness. Without the animating power of Shakti, Shiva lies asleep. Internally, Shiva resides dormant at the crown chakra.

Kundalini is related to primal consciousness and is only dangerous if ignored, when it becomes misguided intent; like truth, weeds, sexuality, bacteria, etc. all cause trouble if ignored.

from the root "Yujir Yogey" in the sacred Sanskrit language of India. The term itself means to unite, yoke or harness. The practice of Yoga thus leads to a unity of the mind and body. It also means union of the individual and universal consciousness.

They have repeated actions, which often lead to tension and fatigue. This practice on the other hand, involve movements, which bring stability and energy to the body, senses, mind, and the consciousness.

Ideally, if you are an absolute beginner, I would highly recommend participating in a few group... If you've never practiced yoga before, prepare to encounter yourself on an entirely new level of consciousness! ...

Sanskrit syllables, workds or phrases which when repeated in meditation will bring the ndividual to ah higher stgate of consciousness.
Matsyasana: Fish pose
Mayurasana: Peacock pose
Meru: danda - the spinal column ...

We have repeated several unrighteous action due to body consciousness and finally had resulted into being loaded with some dichard sanskars (habits).

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