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Dristi: A soft gaze, focus or awareness that keeps you attentive to what your body is doing in relation to your breath and your mind.

dristi = perception or looking place
Dronacharya = son of the Sage of Bharadvaja and a major character in the epic Mahabharata
duhkha = pain, suffering
dve (dwi) = two
dvesha = refusal
eka (ekam) = one
ekagra = a focussed state of mind
ekuna = minus one
Galava = The pupil or son of Viswamitra ...

It tells that the trataka on the nose tip (nasagra dristi) reduces mental tensions (kleshas) and trataka on the eyebrow centre (bhrumadhya dristi) facilitates attainment of khechari - a higher yoga practice. (*2) Satkarmasangraha (*3) advises the repetition of bija mantras - the Vam' and 'glau' (i.

Experience is participation in an event or connecting with a product of one's own activities; an individual creates the world of his own experiences (dristisristivada).

Look to nasagrai (nose) dristi and breathe deeply for five full breaths. Relax your shoulders and, working with the directional energy of uddiyana bandha, continue to lengthen the space between your pubic bone and sternum with each inhalation.

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