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Granthi ("knot"): any one of three common blockages in the central pathway (Sushumna nadi) preventing the full ascent of the serpent power (K undalini shakti) ; ...

Granthi: Blockages of energy within the body. Literally, a "knot". In order to experience self-realization, the knots must be released.
Grihastha: A person at the second of the four stages of life, the stage of the householder.

Rudra granthi
psychic knot or block between ajna and sahasrara chakras ...

The Vishnu Granthi (knot) can be broken through in this manner so that Vishnu Loka is revealed.

- BRAHMAGRANTHI - Brahma's knot, a pigtail tied into a bun
- BRAHMAGYANA - knowledge of the Supreme, knowledge of Brahman
- BRAHMAJNANA- see under brahmagyana ...

Rajas The second of the gunas: energy quality of high activity and agitation.Recaka Exhalation, an aspect of breath controlrechaka outbreathingRudra Granthi The phychic knot situated at ajna charka in the mid-brain.

This Chakra is called the Brahmagranthi (or knot of Brahma). The piercing of this Chakra may involve considerable pain, physical disorder, and even disease.

Miller explains that granthis are energetic knots that block the flow of prana in the body. You can think of them as places where you feel "tangled up.

like : Tattva, Hita and Purushartha; The Upaya and Upeya; Chit, Achit, Eswara; the truth behind the concept of Karya,Karana; are well explained in most of the works of Sri Thatha Desikan like "Nikama Parimalam,Lakshmi Niyudam,Panchagranthi Nipaharam, ...

At first in his Brahmagranthi there is produced soon a hole or passage.

The practice of bandhas addresses the granthis. Moola bandha(7) lifts energy and begins the process of bringing repressed experiences into conscious awareness.

Near this Linga is the golden region known as Kula and the presiding deity is Dakini (Shakti). Brahma Granthi or the knot of Brahma is in this Chakra. Vishnu Granthi and Rudra Granthi are in the Anahata and Ajna Chakras.

lead to immediate salvation - it is not a question of tomorrow but (in our case there is a big 'But') the karmas that we have performed in the previous births are sitting inside our mind like a knot, hard knot in the form of Brahma-granthi, ...

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Yoga  Govinda  Granthis

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