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Individual soul
Action, law of cause and effect. Karma is produced by thought, speech and action. Law of karma means all actions produce reactions. Actions and reactions balance out.

jagrat awake; the waking state, the consciousness of the material world.
jahi kamam durasadam slay desire which is hard to assail. [cf. Gita 3.43]
jala water; [as one of the five bhutas. see apas, definition 2] ...

The waking state is called Jagrat-avastha - Jagratsthan. Technical words are used, which may be remembered or not remembered. For instance, Visva is the word used to designate consciousness in the waking, individualised state.

We can describe the experience of jagrat and how one responds to the activities of the conscious mind. Right now you are outside and there is light everywhere, everything is illuminated.

Ayukshinam na janati tasmat jagrata jagrata-
You are bound in this world by desires, actions and manifold anxieties. Therefore you do not know that your life is slowly decaying and is wasted. Therefore wake up, wake up.' ...

JAGRAT: Waking state.
Jala: Not real; jugglery.
Janma: Births.
Japa: Repetition of a Mantra.
Jati: Species; class.
Jiva: Human being; individual soul.
Jnana Indriyas: Organs of knowledge, viz., ear, skin, eye, tongue and nose.
Jnana: Knowledge.

"Aashaya badhyate loko karmana bahu-chintaya;
Ayukshinam na janati tasmat jagrata jagrata" ...

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Yoga  Jagadananda  Jainism

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