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Poorna shankhaprakshalana (PSP) is a hatha yoga practice involving the graded consumption of a large amount of salted lukewarm water along with the performance of a large number of rounds of selected asanas.

Poorna - Salabhasana
Full Locust Pose, often used in Bikram Yoga.
Poornima ...

Poorna Yoga see purna yoga
poosta see posta
posa increase; the growth of all possessions internal or external in the life of the individual. [Ved.] ...

Poorna Sannyasa
complete sannyasa; the traditional form of sannyasa involving internal and external renunciation and total dedication to guru
Poornata ...

Sampoorna Yoga is a complete Hatha Yoga system, founded by Shri Yogi Hari.
In addition to the classical asanas, which are practiced in rhythm to the breath, Sampoorna Yoga places a strong emphasis on the spiritual practices of Hatha yoga.

Parashara Maharishi, Vyasa's father had devoted the largest Amsa (part) in Vishnu Purana to the description of Sri Krishna Avatara the Paripoorna Avatara.

This explains one of the key principles of physics, Conservation of Energy. The word POORNA is nothing but the ultimate principle or the energy source of creation. The word Yog has been derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj', means union. The union of life energy of an individual with the Poorna.

Prakriti-Nature; undifferentiated matter.
Prana-Vital energy.
Pranayama-Regulation of breath.
Pratyahara-Withdrawing the senses from objects.
Pratyakshatva-Direct perception.
Prema-Divine love.
Prerana-Inner goading.

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