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Health / Yoga / Rechaka : Yoga word for exhalation.
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Rechaka - Exhalation
Rechaka means exhalation in pranayama. There is quite an art to exhalation.

Rechaka :
In this type, Rechaka is to be performed by left nostril. After completing Kumbhaka, the three bandhas should be released and the left nostril should be opened.

Rechaka ("expulsion")
exhalation, an aspect of breath control (pranayama)/ exhalation
Rishi ("seer") ...

Not rechaka, puraka, and kumbhaka: There are other breathing practices that include rechaka (exhalation), puraka (inhalation) and kumbhaka (intentional holding of the breath).

Slow rechaka
The third phase of respiration is expiration. Expiration is a passive act. For stretching a rubber band one needs a conscious effort, while once the active action is released the rubber automatically assumes its original position.

Rajas The second of the gunas: energy quality of high activity and agitation.Recaka Exhalation, an aspect of breath controlrechaka outbreathingRudra Granthi The phychic knot situated at ajna charka in the mid-brain.

Rechaka: exhalation
Sadhaka: seeker , aspirant
Sadhana: practice, quest
Sahasrara chakra: the thousand petalled lotus in the cerebral cavity
Salabhasana: Locust pose
Salamba Sarvangasana: Shoulderstand Pose ...

When the breath is expired, it is Rechaka, the first kind of Pranayama. When the breath is drawn in, it is the second, termed Puraka. When it is suspended, it is the third kind, called Kumbhaka. Kumbhaka is retention of breath.

After the complete exhalation (rechaka) and while holding the external retention (bahya kumbhaka), ...

Perform Puraka (inhalation) and Rechaka (exhalation) rapidly. Those who can do Bhastrika Pranayama can easily do this. In Bhastrika there is a Kumbhaka (retention of breath) for a long time at the end of the required rounds.

For Sukhapurvaka Pranayama, (a) inhale through left nostril (Puraka); (b) retain the breath (Antar-kumbhaka), (c) Exhale through the right nostril (Rechaka) and (d) retain the breath (Bahya-kumbhaka).

If you prolong the time of Rechaka, the following inhalation will be done in a hurried manner and the rhythm will be disturbed.

Breathing: The breathing technique performed with vinyasa is called ujjayi [victorious breath] (Scott 20), which consists of puraka [inhalation] and rechaka [exhalation] ("Ashtanga Yoga").

Iyengar explains how the three stages of the breath in pranayama—inhalation (puraka), retention (antara kumbhaka), and exhalation (rechaka)—can connect us to the universal soul. During our inhalation, we are inviting prana to come in.

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Yoga  Recaka  Rechaka kumbhaka

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