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I am an invisible child of a thousand faces of love
That floats over the swirling sea of life,
Surrounded by the meadows of the winged shepherds,
Where stillness of divine love and beauty
Rain in the spring and bloom in the midnight ...

Health / Yoga / Sankalpa : Spiritual resolve.
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Peroxisomes ...

Sankalpa Setting
LOOK INWARD For several days, set aside time to write in a journal and meditate. Mull over your typical resolutions. How do they make you feel? Anxious? Unsettled? Incomplete?

Sankalpa : Thought, intention, or will directed toward a specific outcome.
Sat ("being/reality/truth"): the ultimate Reality ( atman or brahman ) ...

SANKALPA - resolve, firm decision

SANNYASA - detachment from the worldly things and interests ...

Now that you are comfortably in your steady posture in your meditation space, you should make a sankalpa, or resolve, ...

sankalpa resolution.
sankalparambha initiation.
sankarasya ca karta syam upahanyamimah prajah I should be the creator of confusion and slay these creatures. [Gita 3.24] ...

sankalpa sUryOdayam
[edit] kAvya granthas (poetry works)
SubhAshita nIvI, yAdavAbyudayam, pAdukA sahasram, hamSa sandESam ...

In the Siddha Yoga tradition, sankalpa means intention in the sense of a prayer or resolution formed for the attainment of a spiritual purpose that is for the benefit of all.
1) Monkhood. 2) The ceremony and vows of monkhood.

11. Yatha Sankalpa: Can get whatever he likes.
12. Trikala-Jnana: Knowledge of past, present and future.
13. Advandva: Beyond the pairs of opposites.

The spiral, because of its consentience with a certain consciousness, sankalpa, functions as an individual. The Kundalini energy is not my energy. There is no such thing as "my Kundalini.

A very special feature of Yoga-nidra is 'Sankalpa' which means a 'resolve' The relaxed body and mind are ideal soil for making a resolve. The 'Sankalpa' is affirmation of a statement, short, positive, precise about what you want to achieve.

sankalpas: imaginations
santi(h): peace or transitional period
sannyasi(n): a monk, one who has embraced the life of complete renunciation
sat: Existence Absolute, Being, Reality, Truth
satchidananda: Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute ...

This is the way we nurture our own inner wisdom -- we build up our sankalpa shakti (strong determination to reach spiritual liberation).

Sankalpa"Formative will; determination.
Satyam"Truth; Brahman.
Shat-Karmas"Six purificatory exercises of Hatha Yoga, viz., Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Nauli, Trataka and Kapalabhati.
Siddhas"Perfected Yogins.

Often we seek the emergence of kundalini shakti, the spiritual awakening, but the first form of that to emerge is sankalpa shakti, the shakti of determination. It says, in a strong voice, "I can do it; I will do it; I have to do it! ...

According to Indian philosophy, the first evolute of unmanifest Brahman, the Absolute Reality, is Brahma, who through his sankalpa shakti brings forward all of creation.

It is through the vibrations of psychic Prana that the life of the mind, Sankalpa or thinking is kept up and thought is produced. You see, hear, talk, sense, think, feel, will, know, etc.

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Yoga  Sanchar  Sankara

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