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Shitali Pranayama
The cooling breath cools the body and calms the mind.

Shitali means cooling. This pranayama cools the system and hence the name. It can be practiced at any time, at any place and whenever necessary.
How to do : ...

Shitali is a type of Pranayama. We are going to learn an easy part in Pranayama. There is a special technique of breathing in this type.
Try to suck in air by making your mouth like a flask and by turning your tongue inwards. This is called as kaki mudra.

If this Pranayama is practised before the sunrise it is more advantageous. Sit with crossed legs. Make around tube by bending the tongue and inhale through mouth, exhale through the nose.

Shitali Pranayama - "Cooling breath" - Inhale is drawn over the curled and extended tongue.
Shitkari Pranayama - Similar to Shitali but the tongue is held between the teeth ...

the teeth but to massage the gums as well, which will help to remove the entangled food particles in the teeth and gums, due to the increased amount of blood flow, strengthening the roots of the teeth and ensuring the even growth of the teeth as they grows older. A few yogic practices like ~ ...

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