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Psychosomatic Diseases
Dr. G.L. Kalamkar, Raipur
From time immemorial yoga has been practised in India. Among the relics found in the ruins of cities of the Indus Valley are figures of ascetics in yoga postures.

Psychosomatic illnesses - in which psychological and social factors, such as stress play a major role in physical illness, for example, in diseases such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, asthma, eczema, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

Somatic Yoga, created by Eleanor Criswell Hanna, is a style of Hatha Yoga practiced from an understanding of somatic (mind-body integration) psychology.

Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase
Self-acceptance increase
Self-actualization increase ...

Bodywork, somatic, and massage therapies, each have over 250 variations and most practitioners utilize multiple and highly effective techniques.

Yoga teacher and ~ counselor Hala Khouri explains why, if you want to heal the world, you have start by healing yourself.
Q&A with Paige Elenson: Yoga Teacher + Founder of the Africa Yoga Project ...

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That supplies a ~ hook (titrating the asana) in into releasing/clearing the emotional obscuration for good. This is also how body psychotherapy and ~s work to clear post traumatic stress syndromes.

  As your ~ intelligence increases, you will almost always feel that one side of your body is better in a given asana than the other side.   Seek to equalize your two sides.   As Mr.

As observed earlier, if the reason for convulsions is psycho~ these Yogasanas and Pranayama will revitalize the patient and his life will be rejuvenated.

This psycho~ spiritual approach emphasizes that we cannot think of sound health by only caring for one or two components of body, mind and ignoring the other.

It is a complete system for total psycho~ spiritual health. It's a way of learning to live in happy harmony with life. And, as with a cat stretching as it awakens, yoga wakes you up - gently - and makes you feel wonderful.

Intersection of nerves in the lower pelvis, which corresponds to the mooladhara chakra.
Interaction of mind and body.
Inhalation, an aspect of breath control (pranayama).
Universal consciousness.

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